Us army

If you wish and shall go to minute 14.10 to 16.21 and the guy got it right,
because we are heroes… and is just us, the humans who worked in that profession, heeeeeeeeeero!
Just trying to humanize these people, I know them, I was one of them, heroooooes, eventually they
make at least in the U.S when they are celebrating some kind of thing, all good in my mind,
and I’m probably talking to the wrong audience, but I see the word hero too much,
you do what you do to do what you have trained to do, you do? Fuck you all, listen to that
shit, was funny at least for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


  1. Fuck you Charly
    Millions of people around the World know hero’s, most in uniform some are not. It takes millions of people, including the ones at home to go thru War. Each deal differently. I believe in my heart, anyone who serves their Country is a Hero. If they went beyond which many do, it’s not just training as YOU say. You can’t train a person with no heart to die for another.
    You had one it seems when you entered but departed hollow. I also believe in my heart, any person who has the trauma or lived the trauma of war has a degree of PTSD. I SAID DEGREE OF PTSD!!!!!
    I have PTSD from being beaten to death, raped by my father…….on and on…….My PTSD is different than your’s. The day you admit you have PTSD, give a shit and get help is when your life can turn a corner.
    Not until.

    1. I served almost 5 years in the Spanish Legion, don’t talk to me about heroes, and deployed to two fuck up countries I should add, and seen war, be a participant of that, killed and had one of my guys killed. Don’t lecture to me about that.
      And the PTSD and your life story take it up your…..I won’t say it, did you actually read and comprehend what I said? Think about it, no really thiiiiiiink, out, you are welcome that I responded to your stupid comment,, you are a bit off by the way

      1. Charly,
        If you would breath before reading and jacking yourself up, maybe you would have realized I was talking about you. You are that Hero, that unseen person, all the good shit hero’s do that are seen and unseen. The point I was trying to make is: from where I stand, actually think of you as friend and nice guy. In your heart you keep shining a light on soldiers who get it right, you got it right, you still have fire in your bell and proud of the work you did and for others. I’m PROUD of you Charly!!!!!! Somehow we speak different versions of English. My point was many people, those who have been thru other traumatic events suffer from PTSD, the reason I mentioned myself. If you recall my background you can understand beating and sexually abusing a child would cause PTSD. PTSD was around before it was tagged on every soldier. I was diagnosed as a teen. My level of PTSD is nowhere the level of yours, my point was many many people have and get help for PTSD who do not have the worst trauma’s burned in there mind.
        Charly you do, you saw, did and lost in a way only war can bring. I see your post about the videos as a validation, you did it to. You did do it and no-one can affirm you except someone who’s been there. To learn ways to manage PTSD the best possible everyday it take a Therapist who has been there you can talk smack with.
        You believe what you you will, I think at the center you’re a good person, good heart, wants to love & be loved, have family, forget thug life and move on to a better place mentally.
        The outer crust of Charly, is a thug, drug addict, alcoholic, has no confidence in anything but how to fuck a whore and get in a fight. That a hard crust to get thru, it’s to tough for you to get thru by yourself. I have hope is you and see potential for what ever you want you life to be.
        Another point is be true to yourself, listen to doctors, they do have more shilling than you on the subject. If there an ass get another one. Charly you need help.
        One of my best friends serviced 30 yrs, four tours, broke his first marriage apart much the way your’s happened. He is a Scientist, a fucking genius, works on Artificial Intelligence and such. He is fuck up bad with PTSD. Not one day goes by that he is not effected. He is the strongest person I know. He sought help after years of denial and now has a better understanding of when it’s coming on, what triggered it and how to careful pull his shit back together. It doesn’t stop the drenched screaming nightmares, he knows what to expect.
        That was my point Charly, your young can start getting help, it does take years and PTSD doesn’t go away. You are smarter than you act, I have a vision of a Charly who is learning to deal with his beast of burden, coming to grips and letting so of the destructive behaviors fall to the side. I believe with a commitment to yourself, like you gave the military, you can learn and slowly make life changes. Have the life you say and truly be happy in your heart. You aren’t now and to change takes everything you have to survive. Just like in the field, no drugs, no booze and no whores. Learn how to be cool with yourself and the world changes.
        That is my prayer for you Charly.
        BREATH first if you are already pissed of when starting to read or talk to someone.
        Now I hope since I’ve written more than you ever can to read, you understand what I was saying. And can rethink your comments. Telling someone to fuck off doesn’t always make a friendship go away.

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