dark room

He tried to get out of bed, but
he was to afraid, he needed some aid
and when it came, he refuse, he was lost,
in a dark room, in dark thoughts, he was a waste of humanity
is that simplicity, he was….nothing.
He got the knife and blood ensued.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I have been in the dark places of the mind, I can only say that I didn’ t have the help of my family. Your doughter does, and if it is you two on the blog she is very beautiful and looks like a good person. Point being, even if you try to help someone, being a friend, husband, daughter, whatever, in those dark moments most of us don’ t want the help, and in my case it got me angry. The only solution for me to be “free” was to get out of the fucking bed and take one step at a time, but I kept moving, and in my head the words where that “keep moving, don’t quit” It really has to come within the person, and I also another person can help. For example a mother, you probably are quite in pain seeing your daughter that way, but if a person realises that all their negative stuff also herts the people around them, in some cases it is a point when you think not selfish, that is what I foiund of me, I was a idiot selfish person that only had pitty on myself, and that is not the way to go and obviously
      you can’t live a “fullfiling” life.

      In my family weakness translates to being a no part of society, and even if I hadn’t the support like you do with your daughter, that always stuck with me since a kid, my father taught me that, no weakness, so when I found myself in that state of mind it took me 7 days, not kidding, and then I just couldn’t stand the feeling of being a week person, my father wasn’t around, nor he is today, point being…. It’s you and you.

      I hope all the best for your daughter. And my guess she is a teenager, so you and me where also teenagers at one point in time,

      You are the mother, in my case my mother gave me a real good dose of tough love, but that doesn’t work for everyone. It’s as I said before “she and she” can only overcome.

      And that was a long comment.

      1. Thank you so much it was kind of you to share so honestly. Yes she’s a teenager, she’s also 18 expected to be an adult, just got her A level results, moving out, it’s a tough time.
        As a mum I’m a bit of a fixer, she has always been a ray of sunshine and a rock for her friends, I don’t recognize this person. They sent me on courses at work, I work in primary school and deal with other people’s kids problems all the time. It’s different when it’s your own. I’ll take your advice and we will deal with this one day at a time.
        Thank you so much, and keep writing, I thoroughly enjoy your poetry

      2. That was nice of you to say “you enjoy my poetry”….. I’m a nutcase! That can only write some weird things.

        She is almost 18, she is a woman, and you have to let her fly on her own.

        Anyways, glad to meet you and your poetry is great. I’ll drop by when time permits to do what I have coined “the cool stalker moves”

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