cocaine cowboy

I have half of that white powder
and no wonder suddenly I have friends,
pretense. But eventually you might regret,
not really since it would be silly.
What is done is done, come on!
You walk through the streets with your
friends and nobody can sleep, well…depends,
so you end up late in your room a little one,
your senses are hyped up, your mind swirls
with anything that are not cool curls,
thinking…. fuck! I heard something
so somebody is watching me, fuck! it might
be the police, and you think weird things,
but at the end…it’s all in the mind, mostly,
because I’m the cocaine cowboy.

I did write this thing some time ago, now I’m cool, just
drinking water and eating like a maniac. Just in case people
think I’m talking about me now,
remember, it is called creative writing, I might as well just made
this thing up……shit, I swear to God that people are after me…
ya know!!!! love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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