1. His father Joe Sr. actually wanted Joe Jr. to be president. When Joe was killed during WWII, he set his sights on Jack. From a prohibition rum runner to a rich man. [he made a lot of contacts supplying booze back in the day]

    1. Yes sir, obviously you know your history. But as I said the push from his familly or his father in this case was probably a great driving force to build his character. It was just a little tape that gives you a glimpse on the mindset of these type of people wich I find it quite fascinating. Yes I do know his father was into bootleging wich is probably where he aquired his fortune and influence and his need to put one of his son’t into politics, if one got killed he just pushed the other one into the arena. Morally…… Is not my way of seeing or acting in life, but still is fascinating for my “writer” mind. Always curious.

      1. I did write you after that – and sorry – you were the one – so thanks again – and thanks for giving us history posts – you are smart

      2. I hope you know me a bit to know I was joking around, or just plain stupid one of the two, But it is quite fascinating these type of people, people who seek power, I’m not saying their morals are great, but at the end it can be a president, a big wall street guy, or whatever other proffesion they chose, they do have that mindset. It’s interesting to read or watch documentaries from these people.

      3. Good point – and sometimes they are presented like they were perfect – or stuff gets minimized and overlooked and they become mini Gods as stuff gets buried

  2. In commemoration of his 100th birthday, I am publishing a book, “We Remember the Day of President Kennedy’s Assassination” – posted at  http://www.wrparks.com – containing comments and articles by senior citizens who remember details on the day of President Kennedy’s assassination. The paperback book is available from amazon.com

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