american resilience

Not all of the U.S population obviously, but compared to my country Spain….
much more. We as Spaniards tend to look for the government to help us on
mostly everything, except… the party’s. We are great on that, and the famous

I was watching an American channel the other day and Harvey had just destroyed
one of many neighbourhoods. By the way only in the U.S you guys put up names
for hurricanes.

So the reporter asks a guy which his house was all blown up,
“So what are you going to do now?”
The guy looks at the reporter as if he had just been asked the dumbest question in his life,
and responded “What am I going to do? Rebuild”.

That guy, is what I like to think about what most of the Americans are like.
And for myself get some of his determination.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I agree with the idea of rebuild….it is great to depend on ur self…but i think the reason of their flexibility is that they are ignorant about their rights…they pay taxes to the government…so the government should help in the rebuild processs…
    How can a great rich country like US is still having homeless people in the streets….instead of waging wars and killing innocent people in other countries the government should spend the money on the needy people…
    The US citizen has a simple mind…they believe everything in the media…and the media lies sometimes…
    Best wishes Charly !!!

    1. I could write to yo a dissertation paper about this subject and subjects you mentioned, and often I will specially when I hear people that are not good people just making points that I disagree, but right now is 10 p.m. I’m tired, and I like you, so I’ll stay away from the politics, but hold it there, do not be scared, I will bring you my literally punch to bear…… sounded sort of good.
      Everyone has an opinion and the blog is called Crazy Life, I sometimes get into my personal thoughts about politics, and if I wanted in a real argument I can and will destroy you, apart from that, I keep on with my silly things. Sorry about the destroy argument….. I’m tired and I could probably flip you on my side, but still, loooooooove ya!
      Where you a guy by the way? Kind of weird saying the last part to a dude

      1. I learned a long time ago that government promises are one thing, but actual getting back on the feet is something else. Some from Louisiana are still waiting since the hurricane there ten years ago.

      2. I understand that, but is not like here in Spain when you get a tree that falls off your house you inmediately expect the government to help you, you expect it you demand it, and in my mind having no money right now because of my poor decisions, I don’t expect anybody to bail me out, including familly but….. yes, I can rely on the government. And that is weird, if we have that system in place I’m no dummy I’ll take as much advantage as I can, but just a question, you think that is good for a person to be able to wake up ?

      3. how much ya get from the guvment now depends on how rich ya are…. white people with lots of money first. that’s the way it is… I am white but not rich…sigh.

      4. By the way I got about 2thousand 50 followers, how the fuck do I keep on with them? And more important question is, why do they read my shit?
        Could I have said more curse words?

      5. I guess its a challenge following you. I only have about 800 and some followers. I don’t follow everybody that follows me bcause I want to keep up with them and not just sluff them…. following you may be a status symbol… ( ah there I follow charly…really? wow!) nods sagely… actually you only said two curse words…

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