war dog

Let loose the dogs of war…. well,(that is some US Marines saying i think
I was in the Spanish Legion)
she is more of a diplomat
just read and snap
as you see she says hello
and I don’t even need a whore
point being….forgot, hold on let me think,
got it,

It is true that certain dogs will calm you down,
every time I pass through my mothers house there she is,
looking, staring, and won’t stop persuading me, she is
a bit of a nut case wich i can relate, but all the anger
I have inside she just smell it and makes me calm down.
She is, MY DOG OF WAR.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I know that, don’t be a smartass, the blog it is called crazy life so I can change names, phrases, and whatever I want. Don’t take me like a dummy, I know my shit, see the hit?

      1. Do you really think I care? I’ll go a bit nutty with stupid shit like that,but, now i’m a pacifist……sort off,haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, stupid bitch I will cut you do not fuck with me punk… that sounded hard cool, love ya

    1. Actually I am a sweetheart, people can see through even just reading me, yes I screw up, not afraid of fights and all that but really when it comes down to it, as I said to my psychologist in the detox center, actually she said it to me, that when I’m sober don’t I realise that I’m a funny guy, a bit innocent even though I had quite a rough life, a screw up, but a funny screw up, since it seems that people close to me stick with me….. I don’t know why though, and that is my report to Miss. Cindy, love ya

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