Just friendship love

Just love
and I didn’t hit a dove

For me is trange
but it seems I can change

What am I used to?
sorry, but only I think to screw you

And this woman I met her through wordpress
and for me she is the best

Her husband also
he is quite the awesome man

She’s no dummy,
she got a good man and I can say he is a good person,
I guess that those of you that read me,
Yep you know, I’m not saying she is a saint
since nobody is, but overall she’s a good person,
smart, she is good looking, but mostly she is
a nice person and easy to talk to, yes you.

hold it…. I think you just hit the LIKE button
without reading and that’s it, you evil…
so what I’m used to, not that type of friensdship
with a woman that makes my two neurons not asleep.
Fuck me, I’m wierd, and that is why you or some like me
yaaaa know you beeee!

Always Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Jesus….. so yo di knnow who I[‘m talkin about, well if i get seious I’m not all that dummy so I fiured, and tomorrow si going to be at least for me a looooong day, bu is worth it ane no drinking, nor smoking, and I have to be just like i am when and who im when Im’ not high on something, and I got to say, she is smarter that I thought…..evil women, but you got to love this girl, smart, good looking, and….I’m the one who messes it up, but strangey she still calls me and wries to me, me… a screw up,met her husband and I was thinking to myself, you got a piece of art there, but then I thought, the rich women that don’t have all that much experinve in my type of life, they do like the “bad boy” and hell, i’m not even a bad guy, this was a long comment so don’t respond

      1. Yes, seriously I think you said at the end…. one is in the right side of my brain wich controls emotions the other one the left part of the brain wich controls how smart I am

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