writing is like magic

Writing is like magic,
It can be tragic and fantastic.
My imagination
Goes around in all type of rare kind of nation
I feel connected
In my crazy mind I did expect it,
And that is why my thoughts are sporadic
Also writing like an addict.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You should have told me earlier on that you are only 16, I double your age so don’t smoke, don’t drink and marry a decent guy, that has money that is.

      2. You’re a kid for crying out loud, so lets keep things on the down low, and no I have never met and flirt with a 16 year old girl….. well maybe if I was drunk but that is not here or there. So what are your plans in the future when it comes to the university?

      3. well….flirting is good for health…..n i think love has no age….n when it comes to universities i dnt brng up my ideas out loud we dnt know when anyone steals ur way….so i keep it to myself but to conclude ik watever i have planned is good

      4. I liked what you said about the university, you’re a smart woman, plus you are 16 and me by your age I was alone in the world working, so you are smarter than me, I should have gone to the university, instead I went to the army with a Do some time travel or something like that.

      5. Told you, you are a smart woman. Although with 35 years old I knew that one and much more of other things of life, but you are very right, but hold it there since I have something prepared, you have to work hard and smart, it goes like twins.

      6. By the way who am I talking to? There are two girls in the gravatar photo, so it is my suspicion you girls are actually writting both, you’re taking your chances

      7. It was one of my sarcastic jokes or ironic jokes you can also call them stupid jokes.
        Hold on, I just got a question in my head now,
        what would be your ideal guy to marry?

    1. Come on GP, you’re almost going to make me cry, and by the way, I don’t know why you people read me, and also I should add that reading you that is a true adventure into the past, so thank you.

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