nobody cares about you

Apart from the dog…

My father told me at a young age, “at the end of the day you are alone”.
And I’m really not saying he said something mean or shit like that,
in case some people say…why?He said it to send me a message
and like those type of messages I learned from his point of view
wich in my mind he is my hero. But I and me, for bad and worst,
I can’t compare me to him, that would be stupid on my part.

His prestige
is like walking over and above a bridge
at the end of the day
you don’t depend on yourself
to make it around life and don’t put yourself in a dumb shelf.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I too believe that we are ultimately alone. No one can truly know our inner worlds like we do or take that last step from life with us. I think that aloneness is what creates the longing for love. Nice piece, Charly.

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