1. Hey you, I’m a war hero, not a criminal I just like to kill and cut heads, that I think is quite normal.
        And to tell you the truth you inspired me to write that thing, do I owe you money then?

      2. That you got right, it is his lost. By the way I can see a patern here that you are actually in love with this guy and he is not responding as you want hi to do, so I have a little suggestion…. there are many fish in the sea, and is not going to be a perfect fish, you have to adapt to his needs and him also to yours.
        That Dr. Phill comment cost you only 10 dollars.

      3. Check him out on the internet, he’s a great psychologist that makes his life making rich people better, I find it quite funny, not that I see the guy, but is all the american way

      4. Nah they dnt mind me dng anythng wid my future jus tat coz of some problem they say so…ik they always want the best from me so for now I just listn to them….when it’s time for me to take delicious I’ll do it

      5. Definately not easy, but at some point you yourself have to make a decision and live your life the way you want it, I know is not easy, but if life was easy…. it actually would be boring. So take care, be a nice person overall, not saying that you have to be a saint, but you gotta move forward. I moved forward some time ago, yes it was not easy my familly hated me, no relationship with then and that makes you stronger or it kills you, to be on your own that is. And you seem like a tough girl

      6. As I said, experinence makes you tougher or they will knock you down, and my experience in life is that I have been knocked down quite a bit, but I did get up again

      7. yea wat i do is just sit n cry but then i Literally wipe my tears n stand up coz thr is no one to pat ur back n say all will be fine….we all have become selfish now….only few like us r thr who care for others too

      8. nthng much…..jus did study a bit i felt lazy so i closed my books spent time on fb for awhile then later i slept late at night after prayers!!!
        ahhh i’m not crazy jus amazingly weird….

      9. I’m telling you, I like excitement in all kinds of ways, if not it bores me. That is probably my girlfriend of 8 years I left her, just boring, always wanted my complete attention, I could go on about this bi….tch, but I won’t. I’m a gentleman.

      10. I don’t need for a girl to call me every hour of the day to ask what I’m doing, what the fuck, I’m working that is first and then I go out with friends, as well as she does with her friends wich she actually fucks them, I’m the dummy for staying that much time with this girl, although I too might have had a sex slip once in a while. Point being, I don’t need nor want the hedeach of a person calling me every hour of the day and saying that i’m with this girl or the other and all that crap, I’m working!!! And yes, of course after a day of hard work I like to hang out with the guys, have a few drinks and then go home to eat.

      11. Yeah rite….my guy was like this too…n I left him actually coz tat frustration nd old made me more depressed n mad n want to go away from him…..ik how u must have felt…but on the positive side some girls r so just bcoz they r possessive nthng else

      12. Not totally gay, but I like to hang with my male friends instead of hanging out with my female friends, there is quite the difference as you know, so I’m semi gay? Not really you silly

      13. Got it, by the way you got that I’m trying to really decipher your writing with all those strange acronims, I bet you’re writing on your phone while talking with your friends……. I can see you!!!! I can see through the CIA sattelite

  1. You write very nice big bro and yeah we love your poems and other writings, as in person I respect you coz you are military person and you had seen many things happening around there, so I just wanna say just guide us all by your lovely writing,,

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