You dumb shit

Lets get my aggravation
to a peaceful nation
wich is seems it’s writing
instead of fighting
although…. I can still fuck you up good.

So the point, there is no point, it seems I talk
or write with a smart and funny girl through wordpress
and this guy, this dumb shit says apart from other things
“don’t hurt her”, what the fuck you dumb idiot, we are just
having a converation and she and me like to bullshit,
what is this idiot commenting on my blog, I write poems, if
you can call it that, I’m not here on a date, pisses me off
these dumb shit, specially it seems that he is a bit to say
the least of controlling type of person, so as I told him…
you just fucked with wrong guy, I also said some other explicit words
so for you, you see my face there you fuck head? And that fight took place
with a guy that was 2 meters by two, big guy, and he didn’t knock me out,
I was still standing and bleeding at the end, so no sir, you’re dumb shit
and a bit weird getting into conversations that has nothing to do with your

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Big bro you are a nice man, I really hate people who judge others on the basis of current situation, but they don’t know sometimes what conditions are going there in our life,, be strong and 😊

  2. ohh just calm down it’s fine…we find ppl like this all the time anger is not the solution love….talk to me when u feel to!!!!!
    maybe he meant smthng n took it in a wring way see the +ve aspects too….

    1. But writing does keep my adrenaline on check, specially with guys that say stupid things. Writing is sort of like doing yoga for me, I’m a good guy, I don’t get upset with guys and do avoid the fights but sometimes they just irritate me too much. Maybe you have a solution for that

      1. Yea…..its fine…happens wid me too today it happnd wid me n i missed ya a lot tat time coz i was lonely actually was missing all my loved ones but im far from everyone

      2. Today, went to the “center” being Madrid the capital of Spain, threw out some CV’s, did a job interview, and got back home with aaaalot of hunger.
        And you?

      3. English language…….ik im gd at it but still teachers want me to do more….n even parents tho they keep being behind my elder sis….today i did beleive the fact tat im invisible coz of these ppls behaviour

      4. First of all, are you laughing that my 8 year girlfiend doesn’t want to see me in paintin? Yo evil….. and second, se can all marry if the time is right and the person is right, I do know that in India is arrange marriages…. kind of weird from a western culture, but no, I don’t want to mardry you because I’m a bit of a nutcase, so you will frind your love with a man that is rich, although you can have me as a side wick kick, wink winking here, love ya

      5. no, I like you because you are easy to tal to, also….yo hot girl! You are smart, so I like to write with people that are smarter than I am and have a different life experience, but, if you want to marry me is only 5000 dollars, it’s a bargain! I’m funny, if you can belive it I’m also smart, I’m good looking and great in the bed…fuck me did I said that outlou?

      6. ohhh ur really funny person now……i like u tooo n thank u idk how u can see me as inspiration while some of them jus tell me bad luck right on my face!!!!
        i like tat bargain part i’ll take double of wat u want lol

      7. I can go all out crazy and tell you to write about your sex life, or talk about sentimental shit, which the last one is not going to get you a lot of reads

      8. Told ya, my girfried left me ater 8 years, a weid relationshiop I should add add and then had sexual relationships with anothe gir that I know, what do you think about that?

      9. Ahhh u shud not take those stuffs rite…life doesn’t give us less problems tat we have to increase our health problem too…well it’s fine it shud not be addiction tats wat I meant

      10. Yes sure but no one can ever love me the way I am all want change in me…thr r few who accept me like this idk abt u coz we haven’t met personally right…but hoping to meet ya soon n also talk

      11. I’m not a jealous person, so call at 34630573411 you can reach me there, not jealous but a fun guy, at least is what the grls tell me…. go figure,by the way that is my real cell phone number, out in public, so is your choice

      12. Yupos dnt worry u can trust me on tat….but actually u need to call me coz I dnt use a phone n I dnt have international calling service on the no….my mom still has her no which she used in states but she and dad r leaving today outside the town for work purpose….

      13. Sorry about that, I said that comment before I knew you are only 16, a young woman but too young for me, we can still talk about other things but no flirting by my part, is kind of creepy. You should have told me your age before.

      14. that and the opposite, you’re only 16, from India and I bet you come from a rich familly, wake up and live the real life…. that was a harsh comment but at your age I was on my own, so get up and stand up

      15. I hate you to no end….. love ya little mermaid, so how is the thing going with the boys? I told you I’m 35 and you have had told me that you are only 16, but anyways I can play the role of the crazy father, how are things in your relationship with boys?

      16. Well you better grow up, by your age my parents kicked me out of their home, they told me ” are you going to study or work?” I said none of those two things, so out I went into this beautiful world, sleeping on the streets, getting no good jobs, and the rest. Then i went into the army, the pay was good and I had 3 meals a day and bed, so point being is to treasure what you have, you have running water right? I didn’t when I was on the streets. So really appreciate the small things you got, look at me now, I have money to rent an apartment, money to buy a computer, a cell phone and to eat every day. Just really apprciate the small things, for example I bet you weare good clothes, you eat well, and all those tiny things that for you it may not seem very important, but for others that have been through the wringer, you got to appreciate those small things. And my guess is that they bother you because you are 16, wich is normal for parents to “bother’ their loved one if they get a bit out of control, having said that, you are 16 and old enough to decide what you and only you want to do with your life.

      17. O.K……. your are beautiful girl, you are funny, you are smart, you havea great sense of humour, you have a great creatiive mind and a great personality, love ya

      18. As I told you I’m 35, and not use to this acronyms, I had acronyms in the army and were esier to to dispell that your generation, so would you, type it out!!!

      19. You know what, you are 16 years old, for me that is that you already a woman, a young one but a woman, I have no idea how in India works, so cry me a river then….. tomorrow write a poem about me without saying is me and I’ll write a poem about you

      20. ohh okk but do take care of ur health too ohkk….n pray a bit if u get time give wrod of thanks to lord for the food tat u get too…i’ll pray for u too….
        i repeat take care of ur health in all this we foget to tc of ourselves also okk

      21. I’ll just say this, if you ever meet me is always an adventure with me, money or no money, we alway get by, maybe not in a 5 star hotel, but you’d like the adventure, I can guarntee that

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