the criminal

My mother actually told me that I look like a criminal,
fuck, that was a good poetry ya’ll
I see me, now that I’m out of money don’t feed me,
but what can I do where I live, sell drugs, steal from
some idiot and create I riot? No sir, I had enough of
that bullshit, it seems i’m a creep, but there is my blood
something called working and also sleeping, so I know that
life,unfortunately, also been incarcerated, with a crazy head.
Let not eat, drink water yes, and make the people that love me
proud, wich is quite something….gotta do something if not
survival, GOD knows that I do read his bible.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses


      1. Great, one in prison….. I also went to prison, don’t get scared it was for a what they call here “forced robbery”, there was nobody inside and late at night me and two more got in the store and…got caught. I’m still on probation, I didn’t actually served much time since here in Spain that is 2 years, and that means that you don’t do them, you just get probation although if I screw up again then I do go directly to prison, no judge trial or nothing, into the big house. But I think this happened over two years for sure, and that was my probation, 2 years, the good thing is that if they don’t catch you doing anything stupid during your probation period my record is wiped out, so you don’t have a criminal record, why am I telling you this by the way?

      2. That sounds like a gret quote but in my case I don’t find it, it’s gone! My past…. army, homeless, drugh addict, and now I can afford a room for 130$ an eat here and there where I know te people in the bars, little going t the supermarket and a lot of buying spagettis and rice, and my past as I remember it was that I had a scholarship in the U.S, lasted a year and I went off the rails, so you can imagine my parents after spending so much mone on the kid, they said, fuck him, let him earn his own living, but no I got back to writing…. I’m the new Shakespeare

      3. Then you are weird if you don´t judge people right grandma? As humans we all judge, human nature nothing new I´m telling you obviously.
        You think I´m a good person?

      4. yes I do think you’re a good person. Judging other people is not my thing, as I hate having people judge me. If everyone would just mind their own business it would be better.

      5. I saw it in the amrican channel, real bad, and what is the mentality of the shooter? That must be interesting to know about, wich doesn’t mean a person is empathetic with this nutjob, I prefer the swat team to kill him

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