I lost a friend

I lost a good friend
why? you can say and do it to bend
She says I’m a drunk, true, but is not you
who has to battle every day to overcome this
addiction wich now doesn’t give me any erection.
It is normal for people that don’t suffer from addiction
to understand those who do, and I suffer ever fucking day,
I just got home from the detox center, trying and trying,
every fucking day to not have a fucking drink, yes,
she maybe right I do stink.

Here goes why I’m also pissed off, did this “friend”,
remember when she called at 6 a.m waking me up and
telling me all her life and sad stories and me listening
and giving her the best advice I can give? Does she also
remember recently that I was there for her? Nope,
I’m definitely not perfect, but I am a good person
and that I know, I do screw up once in a while….
But what the fuck girl? You could also be a bit
understanding of me, I don’t expect her to do that
so what? Do I enjoy the times to listen
to her miseries? Because my life is great and I don’t
have any problems to deal with…..
And me telling her, you will overcome it, and more
positive shit. So no, she could also be a bit more
understanding instead of being in her own world
wich everything revolves around her.

Wooooohaa! It felt good writing it down.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. What happened to her ? And you should give her some good advice in person so she would just understand everything well and will overcome from all her Life’s Troubling Issues..
    We all humans are so damn full of with errors..

    1. She is a true friend, but she just doesn’t get it nor appreciate the effort that I make every day to be sober, wich knowing her is a natural way of thinking for her that is, but it does hurt me though

  2. Without knowing, I think it’s difficult for someone who hasn’t had problems with addiction, to really understand how difficult it is to stop. I don’t have problems with addiction, but I have a panic disorder, and very few people understand, the struggle. I’m lucky that my boyfriend and my two sons understand. Hold on Charly, you’re a soldier and I’m sure things will turn out just fine.

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