The man in black

Roaming around the dark streets was a man in black,
And he shot a man in the back.
He laughed, he cursed at the dead man
He started to strangle the dead body with one hand
Roger was his name,
He got arrested and senteced to die
He did not fear “little sparky”,
He sat down in in the electric chair
He grinned at the audience who were there to stare,
His last words, “I’m the man in black and as the
devil I will be back”.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Where are you hiding? Just whisper it to me and I’ll go save you, but I can’t weare my red coat I’ll have to go undercover. You know that the movie Jason Bourne was based on me?

  1. Commenting on here to not start any more confrontation… but my comment wasn’t towards you but towards the other lady. She called me a bitch and she’s delusional… I like your blog and I didn’t mean no offense to you…

    1. I don’t want to offend anybody, but it seems that your “friend” just keep on it and on it, sorry if I said some bad words, I do apologise, but you have and you know that don’t put words in my mouth, I’m actually a great person to be around with,
      I take no offense, it’s just internet thing, then I have to deal with my day to day real life, again sorry if I did, I probably did, insult you, but again, you people are getting all hyped up and insulting me, and I do not respond good with bullies.
      Anyways, sorry yet again, I should be smarter than engaging in those type of comments.

      1. Listen, it’s fine! And I’m sorry if I insulted you, though I don’t remember doing it. Please don’t put me in the same group as them though… I’m not worked up, not insulting anyone… I just thought the way you handled that was quite funny but now I know I shouldn’t have commented on it…

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