1. Or Lawrence of Arabia, wich was the title of the film about his war activities in 1962, and you’re right there are a lot of former soldiers that take up writing, one that comes to mind is Anthony Swafford, wich they made the movie “Jarhead” based on his book. I just thought that to make a quick poem to not bore anybody with long writings(I realise people are bussy) I’d stick with that subject, which ultimately really is saying what the pen does to help me.

  1. I am a Turkmen. Lawrence is the shameless agent of british army who started made arabs enemy against of Ottoman Turks. I hope he rots in hell. Allah know best !!

    1. First of all the poem is not about him, it’s about what writing can do for a person and in this particular case, me. Second, this is not the blog for your beliefs, I just read a bit of this Lawrence guy in google and responded to a comment that was put to me and it had nothing to do about Allah, and I hope nobody rots in hell or that what your great Allah tells you? So in this case I’m a bit offended that someone would get all pumped up, not even saying anything about the poetry I wrote but about some comment one person did and I responded to, it is not the platform.

  2. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    Here’s a poem by friend Charlypriest, who writes poetry with passion and purpose… like all good poets, sometimes meaning is obscure, but that’s what makes it good. Thanks for the reblog…Charly.

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