Anger management

Don’t I look like the upstanding citizen in this photo.
People who have followed me for some time do know my

I made a political comment on another blog about
what is happening here in Spain with the region
of Catalonia, gave them solid arguments with facts
and I just get insults back. So I try my best to
be the good Samaritan back the first time, but
the second time…I just go off, I just want these
idiots in front of me to snap their heads. So I
actually told one of them that. So they can end up
like this

This was after a huge fight against 3 quite big guys,
but once the my fuse snaps, is hard to put me down,
still standing and the fight only broke out when the
police came.

I did try to argument with these people nicely once,
but fuck it, now after having insulted him all I
wanted I feel much better. As a matter of fact my
last fight was last week with a guy that tried to
steal my phone, I punched him 3 times then grabbed him
in a choke hold until it took 4 other guys to pull me
off this other idiot. Fuck, that felt good. All that
thing about be above the insults and fights and all…
it should be, but is not like me.

This is just a little bit of me
I can sting you like a bee
Don’t underestimate
This mate
Short fuse
For idiots who abuse
Just saying
Not playing
Keep your head on a swivel
Or you may end up like a messed up scribble

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. You sure look like an outstanding and upstanding citizen Charly in the first photo. I am sure you will be ok. Take care and leave your fists in the pockets though sometimes morons need them I guess 😉 Garfield hugs and keep looking like a great chap!

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