It’s sinking in

Slowly but surely
The reality is sinking in
I’m going to enter into a new world
Inpatient rehab hospital
Because I’m a drunk criminal
I still got to get hold
Of the person to I will be behold
She sounded nice by phone
A soothing motherly tone
She convinced me to take this new step
And make a 180 degrees change in my life
Hopefully after that experience I can really strive
They still got to tell me exactly the day
It might be today
It might be a week from today
But the reality is really sinking in
Kind of scary to see the world not drunk
No other option if I don’t want to keep being a stinking skunk

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thanks, I better do it. Now just waiting until they give me an exact date as when there is a “position” open for me to enter since this is not private is by the State. Holy, the tax payers are going to pay for my rehab…..

      1. So….remember to do your tax payers proud! Write more posts and use to focus on your rehab! I am proud of your decision Charly and am sure your readers support you too! Go 4 it!!!

  1. Hey Charly,

    I must say, you are great poet. It’s a difficult topic but poem is great.”Drunk criminal”, sounds fair toward yourself .It seems that you are on the right track to make some changes in your life. That is very positive .Be strong

  2. You are no “drunk criminal!!!” You are a talented young person who can create a lot of difference in this world.
    I am so very happy that you took that decision…it shows just how mature and responsible you truly are😘😘
    Be strong and have faith…wish you all the best, dear boy👍👍💕💕

    1. I’m not all that young at 35, and I still got to talk with the people there since this is not a private clinic it’s through the state pensions that you can get into it so I’m not gonna dissappear tomorrow, you still will have to put up with my crazy writing.
      You said “dear boy”…. That sounded like when you talk to a dog or worst a kid, although I’m still in love with your food, and thank you for the support

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