I need your heart

Beep Beep goes your heart
It is a real piece of art
I like laying beside you
And hearing that heart inside you
You don’t even know how much that means to me
I know it sticks me like a bee
I just want to have it all for me
But obviously I can’t see
I’ll just stay with the beating
With your heart singing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Hehe That’s what we matured guys this when we choose a girl, but girls need to realize that even how hard guy and rude real guys acts, but the always cares for our girl in every conditions.. I Pray you will meet the girl there soon..

      2. Thanks, but I doubt I will meet a glowing virgin, specially in the circlesI move around wich is one and primary reason to go into detox cetenter November 10, what a christmas……. I pray I have the fortitude to do it, and I lso pary that maybe in another part of Spain there are some god girls, not the tipical town bitch that has fucked everyone, nothing wrong with that, but is not a person that I would like to share my life with

      3. The same situation is everywhere there in world bro, we can’t expect loyalty from any country girls, they will leave us for their own sake of love, they usually finds a prefect guy, but always forgets that no one is perfect everyone does mistakes, and everyone needs forgiveness..

      4. Holy shit, I’m the perfect example of a screw up and need forgiveness, actually I did make a friend, a girl, from Inidia here in wordpress, we started commenting then she started calling me at 6 a.m! Hour difference, and this was 5 years ago, anyways she got married, and I have to say that the guy she married as much she tells me how “evil” he is, na girl, this guy couldn’t me nicest man, smart and a good sense of humour, we actually couldn’t stop laughing really at her, she’s like a 30 year girl in a 12 year mind, but she is quite the smart one on the other side, and I ask her husband ” Come on man, really, how in the world you put up with her” He laughs and says ” I just tune out”. This girl is likea tornado, can’t stop talking or always doing things, gotta love her though after 5 years, specially since I don’t see her as the typical one to have sex tonight and afternight I forgot, she is important in my life, although now she is pissed off with me because of my drinking, and if I didn’t matter to her she would keep talking to me, but since I do seem to make a little mark on her, she tells me that she will talk to me when I’m sober. I’m not doing this for her or my familly, I do it for myself, If I can change that part of me I can be more effective and productive to the rest of the people around me……… What a comment man, is more like a novel

      5. You just said it, some and is quite a small percentage of them, the so called ‘Country girls’, in my sitation it does not bother me at all that they are fucking right and left, i too take advantage of that as long they don’ t start treating me like I’m her boyfriend

      1. Don’t love me too much, I’ll dissapoint you. Get a nice man when you get to college, smart one that makes good decisions and…….will make a bunch of $$$$$!!!!

  1. Aww bro I aprriciate you for this, same with me bro the girl whom I loves she just gone Back to her ex, even last one year I am there for her, Many girls tried to chase Me But I didn’t gave them attention, in all her ups and downs I was there, I’m still there for her, I promised her that I will marry her and will stay with her forever still am breathing but she don’t understand the real me, I am not like other guys who usually talks about sexual stuffs with girls, I’m decent by nature. But girls these days don’t worth our decency and loyalty..

  2. Referring to your big comment about me up here – You lie about your whole life here (i dont care) – you lie about your parents (I feel bad for them) but you go around and talk to people about me and how I was etc in comments (especially the kind of people i really dont care about OR their opinions) – I swear you will see the worst of me if you dont shut your stupid mouth up before i break every single teeth left in there. :/ :/

    1. Are you crazy or what? It’s not about you or anybody specific, what in the world are you saying! It’s a love poem that is invented, and I don’t say any names since it is pure fiction, I have no clue where you get those ideas you think the world revolves around you? You’re making me look bad in public, actually you’re the one making yourself look bad by commenting such a crazy comment, the world does not revolve around you.

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