No alcohol!!!

Early in the morning
Rising to bells ring
I got this situation
With rehab as my king
Gonna do today
And today is long day
Going to the south of Madrid
Eat a dick… sorry, just came out
Point being!!!! I got an interview with
This woman and she will determen my future
Or I will determine my future because I want to change it
And if you are a drunk that you spit

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Charly,

    the most important sentence in your article is “Because I want to change it”. Be the change.The only person you can change is YOU. Stay strong

    1. Thank you, I went today and spend one hour with this woman, and she told me at end that I can go or better said I must go, on November 10 at 8.30 a.m. So you people stillhave to read my cool Shakesperian writing for a long time, I’m gonna torture you all with my writing

      1. I think it’s more brave of you to go on your trip than for an astronout without problems, backed up by nasa going to the moon. Hugs.

    1. I just went and re read that so called “poem” and guess what, not even me stands behind the message and to tell you the truth I don’t know what in the world was the message I wrote at that time, because of…. i was probably drunk as a skunk. I can’t even make sense of the poem.

      I got out today after a 14 days desintoxication program and the next face will be a month of dishabituation, and I can tell that I was drunk whe I wrote that, just a mess, I can more than understan your comment, now, that I’m sober, and fighting every day to keep being sober.

    1. Hello amigo, and fuck you piece of shit,come to my town anytime you want….amigo, little fucking bitch who I like to beat your brains out since you are standing behind a computer, fucking bitch, live me life better not you wouldn’t last a second in my world, bitch did I say bitch? sorry I meant pussy ass whore…… and you keep comming lets see what the present ends in your house

      1. that is nice of you……hummmm, booooo, let me think for half a second, i’ve been in the spaniss legion for almost 5 years and deployed 2,pansy, i got out and for certain circumstances i went to jail,pansy, by the way i think you should be thinking you are brave, tell you this much, saves the life of 5 of my guys in the army the other 3 died, and in civilian world i contributed to saving 4 people, i’ll give you my phone the place i live and please come over, you stupid fucfing cunt hiding behind your computer, at least i say what i mean, had to do a little stop the hospital yesterday for fighting 5 marrocans dummies, one went with me to the hospital by the way. So pansy……. I can brake your neck in half a second but you are truly a pussy, is not even worth it. Please come face to face with me, I beg you, and as might as well do somethin humanitarian and put you in the morg so I can contribute to the economy.
        Little punk.

      2. Why you so angry you mug. I was actually wishing you well in my initial message. To which I got a barrage of abuse. I’m not hiding behind anything. I’ve done my time in the army too. Probably why I used to drink so much. I’m on here trying to blog to help myself get sober and create a support network and then I meet abusive tools like you. You’re the one hiding you fucking fruit loop. Give me your address. I might just take you up on it.

      3. calle caracol number , come whenever you can, i’d love to fuck you up, by the way i’m not lying to you about were I live, look it up on google. YOu fucking cunt, army…. fuk you I’m gonna slash you throught. I say again, look it up on google so you don’t miss me. If you have any further questions just ask as to how to get here

      4. My Seargent had a saying ” If in public you declare to be a tough guy you’re gonna have to step up and do what you say”
        It seems you are another fucking pussy trolling on my blog, wich actually they don’t, except you really

      5. If you read back I wished you well.

        Then you hit me with abuse.

        Only a gobshite would do that. I’m just standing my ground against some gobshite.

        Move on

      6. By the way your blog is quite interesting, just saying, we can get to a middle ground instead of me writing while I’m putting cold things on my face so it doesn’t swell too much wich is too late, point being if you have an open mind, we or I hope to reach a middle ground, already have to many phisical fights in my real world to get into a writing fighto or something

      7. I’m not here to make enemies. I read ur blog and it seemed you were facing the same challenges as me. That’s why I wished you well.

        You would react the same way if someone attacked you I’m sure.

      8. You are right in your last sentence, trying now to change my life. And I do wish you all the best, as you can see my blog is called crazy life and sometimes a write crazy other times i put crazy videos and other time I just focus on normal….actually it’s “outsaning poetry”

    1. Spill your thoughts, no worries, it’s a public forum and anybody can say anything, and believe me I won’t comment back angry as before, have to get that shit in control
      So I’m going on a limp here with this poem

      So if you know
      And you admit to bestow
      Is not a medicine at all
      But I am me
      So let it be
      Trying me best
      Is not enough fest
      I keep trying
      Until I will be dying

      1. I shall take it easy, I sometimes get a bit crazy, so i apologize for it, my life is going down the drain and apart from the fighting then I take it out on a person that I don’t know, sorry for that.

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