Smooth cowboy

Riding his horse through the vast open western fields,
the cowboy stuck his heals,
the horse ran ran and ran through the open land.
He got to the Alamo, surrounded by the Mexican army,
he saw a dead body,
and he smiled. One less, he thought.
“Hey cowboy!” Yelled a Texan.
The cowboy looked up.
“We are out of ammunition!”
The cowboy laughed in elation.
He snuck behind the enemy lines and found himself
behind a Mexican Coronel, he grabbed a cup of coffee
hit the Mexican Coronel in the head and said,
“What the hell are you idiots doing?”
The Coronel looked him in the eyes, to his demise,
he ordered his troops to run.
The cowboy then drank Mexican rum…with a smile on his face,
and the Mexican army in disgrace. The Alamo would live to fight
another day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. psychology probably!! i’ve planned a lot stuffs which need a lot money so for now i won’t open up to say this….we dnt know wat the future holds u see….jus go wid the flow!!!

      2. That is what I said when I was your age, just a little crazy thing that I learned.
        If you go with the flow you’ll never get anywhere or you’ll probably get lost.
        If you have a plan A stick with it, because why you should have a plan B then? It only
        distracts you from your passion and hard work on plan A.
        By the way, psychology is a shit, I can read people also and I don’t need a diploma, study something that you are good at and
        that in the future has prospects of $$$$$$

      1. Bro in India its common people will hate you if you belongs to poor class, and they easily forgets how much efforts you did for them,, we can’t change the mentality of people here, they will hate you for their own satisfaction, to show you how lower level you belongs, but I think parents here should guide our children’s how to treat good and bad,, who is there in your worse time and who is there in your happy go lucky go days..

  1. No Bro she is rich kid so her mom told her just talk with rich people and don’t waste your valuable time around poor people, cause she has to leave for DeveLoped countries.. So I think she is following moms guidelines..

    1. I can understand, sort off, but it maybe sound rude, the reality is that I don’ t much care about your intimite life. You have to figure it out for yourself, What you want to do that makes you happpy and what not. I try to understand you, but every day about the same thing it gets a bit boring. Sorry, that is the truth. Is your life, you own it.

      1. I can understand, but I also have my issues not with a girl but more harder, and I have to fight life every day, wich gives me energy, so I like to read you when you write your things, but get that girl out of your head, fuck!! You’re pissing me off, move on that’s it, it is no miracle to do so.
        Stay Frosty gent.

      2. I am trying harder but it hurts me more when that girl trynna flirts with other guys, and talks about loyalty that how loyal she is in relationship, and her excuses are worse to even believe..

      3. Easy, then stop thinking of her, move on with your life, and I had to finally say it, don’t be a pussy, get some ballls and move on, I can tell that you are not all that mature, but get the balls rolling my friend.
        Still love ya by the way.
        But if I get another of these type of comments from you, don’t expect me to respond.

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