Will Jesus forgive me?

The ten commandments.

1-You shall no other gods before ME
Check, I’m good on that one.
2- You shall not make idols
Check not, my father and mother are my idols too.
3- You should not take the name of the Lord your
God in vain

Check, you are the MAN
4- Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
Check not, I don’t even know when the freaking Sabbath is.
5- Honor your father and your mother
Sort of check, I do honor them but at the same time
I caused them quite some pain and I’m trying to repent.
6-You shall not murder
No check? I did went into the army as infantry not to
give gifts, we killed the bad ones, not sure if that is
7-You shall not commit adultery
Check on that one, I have fucky fucky with different
girls so there is no wife or girlfriend.
8-You shall not steal
Check not, I’ve been convicted of stealing from a store
9-You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
Check on that one, I hate gossip so I could care less
what my neighbor says and does, as long it doesn’t affect
10-You shall not covet
Check not, same as steel pretty much.

4 out of 10 that I have sinned and one other is I’m not
sure that I committed murder as HE says so since my job
in the army was to get rid off people who were not a pretty

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Charly. Good stuff you wrote here for sure. The insight you used in running through that list was amazing. As you discovered, you came up short. Guess what? We ALL do. Every day, all of the time. The Bible even tells us that, in that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” As to your question? Here is the deal, and I think you already know this. The decision about your forgiveness won’t be decided after you are gone; God is not going to take out scales and weigh your good against your bad and make a decision. Why? Well, we can’t do enough good to make up for even the smallest thing we have done. Our price owed is too big. Only a big, big God can pay for it. That was Jesus, Charly. I think you know this, though. The Bible also tells us that “whosoever believes shall not perish, but have eternal life.” So, the question is not, “Will I be forgiven?”, but “Am I already forgiven by accepting the payment Jesus has already made?” Charly, if you have believed on Jesus, and His payment for the things on that list you failed in….you are already, permanently forgiven.

      1. Again, Charly, you nailed it perfectly. That’s how it works. I get it, believe me. I spent 45 years trying to make myself better and I still sucked. I’m still far from okay, but the Lord has done more in 10 years than I did in all of the rest!

  2. Are you sure about No. 3? How do you know “old guy” is a man or women? Did you have a personal visit? Your statement is based on hearsay, inadmissible in court of law.

    1. Yep,it’s almost 4 a.m here in Spain and I my mind at this time can’t do anything as a matter of factual words that him diserves in his nerves, I don’t even know wich is number 3, talk to you tomorrow when I waake up

  3. You stand in judgement of yourself
    But He who judges is not yourself.
    Your judgement is in error
    But He who judges makes no error
    Do you know him? Do you know his bride?
    If you did, you would be in the light
    And the darkness would have no where to hide.

  4. dear soldier,

    Man should know he has not to kill. You have killed many when on the battlefield, hopefully not at other occasions. You think rightly Jesus shall come to judge, but do not forget he is not God. Many have taken Jesus as their god and have idols like crosses statues of their gods and saints, pictures of their idols. We should be very careful how we look at idols and that we do not come to put them on a higher place than the Divine Creator.

    On the first commandment (You shall no other gods before Me) you write “Check, I’m good on that one.” so this should let me believe you believe in Only One True God, the “I Am Who Is” Whose Name is Jehovah, and that you did not make Jesus into your god.

    Concerning idols the Bible does not say it is wrong to have certain idols, but it is wrong to worship them or to give them reverence like gods. The Bible also tells about the many gods, like angels, Moses, Pharaoh, Baal, Apollo, Zeus, Jesus, but makes it clear we may not put them on the same level as the Most High God above all gods.

    On the third commandment you give the impression you have taken the wrong god, because you write “You should not take the name of the Lord your God in vain – Check, you are the MAN”. God is not a man but an eternal Spirit Being Which no man can see and live. He has no bones, no flesh, no blood. Remember Jesus who let his disciples see that he therefore is no spirit, but a man of flesh and blood and a servant of his heavenly Father the only One God Who is One.

    Concerning “the Sabbath day to keep it holy” you saying “Check not, I don’t even know when the freaking Sabbath is.”. Normally the Sabbath is from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. But wit the Sabbath is also meant the day of rest, which can be any day, but also some years, but especially a day taken for honouring the Most High God.

    That you committed sex with many, that you did steal and that you did covet should not hinder you to come under Christ and to accept him as your saviour, the one who really died for all things you committed wrong. Problem with mankind is that we all have something on our slate. Good thing about we al having a bad record is that by the ransom offer of Christ Jesus we are offered by the Grace of God salvation.
    You too can enjoy that liberation by admitting your sins and by repenting. That shall demand some effort (a work to be done). But that effort is nothing compared to the works you have to do in this life to have your worldly things, though the spiritual matters are of much higher value than the worldly things … so go for the spiritual and for a better life.

    Best of luck.

    1. You just wrote me a novel, Jesus…. that was a long comment to read and I do appreciate it. And you are right in most of you said that is, but I won’t get into the details if not I can be writing here all day.
      Appreciate your comment, even that you took the time to read my “crazy life” post, you got it right, I did named this blog “crazy life” and in my about page it does say a ironic sarcastic dark sense of humour, the soldier thing and killing humans that is true, actually everything was true, but I just put the creative writing tag in case.
      Best of luck to you too

  5. Hey bro, I know I’m kinda late here. But there’s one thing no one is telling you. We don’t follow the commandments. There’s way more then 10, there’s 613. And Paul says in Galatians 2, that the law only condemns us. It make our sin known, but offers no solution. I thinks that’s why you might question your forgiveness. 1 john 1:9 says if you confess your sins, he’s faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of unrighteousness.” No one is saved by obeying the law, Faith in Jesus is the only thing that saves!

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