do or die

I just want to say thank you, I have no idea why people read my crazy things. So I’ll be off the grid for at least two weeks,
staying inside of a detox center, they don’t let you have phones in so I doubt there are computers. After those two weeks I might stay a month there, not really sure of that, but is time to “do or die” I’m 35 and my body is clicking to nothing good.

So thank you all of you, and specially those who have followed, and actually gave me tips on this or that of my dumb writing.

The title was kind of catchy, but at the end is really
thank you all, but sooner or latter I’ll be back to snoop and
get in your back!!! And you shall be getting of smack, waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I’m back so snap you little weird yellow cat….what’s with the cats?….they are crazy….
      Thank you very much for the comment, really appreciate the support. Read ya latter aligator! Have to respond to a bunch of people, actually I have to respond to more people in the internet that in the real world. So again, thank you.

    1. I sure did make it, the first face that is. I did read your recent post but didn’t have time to put a comment or a like, bit hectic now after 14 in isolation and now you all gave me a bunch of comments to respond, wich I truly appreciate with all my heart.
      Thank’s Mr. Ankers.

    1. I’m now on the flip side, thank you very much for your comments, I’ll try my best to read as much as you all, at least for this week that I’m out of detox and the second face is a month of deshabituation.
      But I’ll catch up with your writing you “insanity”-biting. Appreciate the support.

    1. Hi there Frederick, thanks a lot for the comment, after 2 weeks of being completely issolated is does mean a lot. trying now to catch up with all of you as much as I can, I have not a lot of time i think not to sure until next tuesday, anyways I will catch up with your writing.

    1. Hi Ben, as you see I’m back for a bit for now, there is another face of 1 month so I’ll know about it next Tuesday. I really appreciate your comment and support, I have more support in this world of wordpress than in my day to day life, so thanks again, now I’m trying to catch up with you all but I’ll get to you, yo all are a bunch and appreciate every single one of you.
      Again, thank you Ben for taking the time to comment.

    1. Hello ! As you can see I’m back…for a bit i think but not too sure, doesn’t depend of me for now. Trying to catch up as fast and best I can to read quite a bunch of you, wich i love.
      And I really appreciate you taking the time for the comment, I actually, as I said to others, have gotten more support from an internet world than in the real world. so I do really appreciate it. Read ya latter you alligator!

  1. I read your crazy things because I am a little bit crazy myself and misery loves company! πŸ™‚ You can write crazy things, you ca do great things. You can do it. You are the best. Don’t take it personally, but is that your way of lighting a cigarette in that picture? Dude my middle finger salutes you hahah just kidding πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there Imad, really appreciate your comment, so now that we are 2 crazies we should form a political party and take over the world. My middle finger…….I can’t even tell you where it was before I took that picture, ask the girl…. just kidding , humour is the best medicine. Again, thanks for your comment and I’m trying to catch up with you all but I will get to you, I’ll be the number one stalker

      1. Welcome back, miss your crazy writings but so smart for me πŸ™‚ I am trying to imitate your way of lighting the damn cigarette, man I admit it, your style in writing and lighting cigarettes is unique! It’s almost impossible to imitate you πŸ™‚ Politics are not my fortay. Keep up the good work man!

      2. No kidding? Trying to not smoke are you? oooooo, the best cigarette when you wake up in the morning and stay in bed while I smoke the damn cigarette looking at the ceiling, that is heaven

      3. It’s during the night, my favourite time, and I am doing it in secret! Dang! Now everyone will know about it and the famous blogger charlypriest made me confess. Is it the time when I should say holy shit or wholly shit or something?

    1. heeeeello! Beautiful, I’m back so snap, at least for a week or so before I go back in and I’m uncommunicated. I’m staying on track, if not……I would never be able to eat your food

    1. Thank you very much Jane, all of your comments believe it or not I trully appreciate them and makes me a bit more stronger when it comes to alcohol addiction. I have more people in wordpress expressing their good graces towars me than in my day to day life. So thank you again. Now I’m trying to catch up with as much as I can with you good writers, I did miss reading you guys.
      i’ll get to you, and satalk you a bit, for the time that I’m out of the detox center.

  2. A big hug to you Charly. You was my second follower to my blog Panic away and since day one you’ve always been helpful to me and others. Now off you go soldier and come back stronger.

    1. And you don’t know how much that meas to me, your comments and the rest. As a matter of fact in the internet world it seems there are more people that lift my spirits up than in the real world. So thank I have to say againg that thank you very much

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