Look who’s back

Damn, did I get fat… Aywas, hit it!!

Ladies and gentleman,
i’m back!
for a quick snack
just got out from the detox
horny as a wild fox
14 days of uncommunicated
i was a bit frustrated
monitored 24/7 by nurses and guards
and we only had one hour out to the yards
that’s the name
of the detox game
not suppose to be easy
plus the fucking hospital food made you uneasy
so the detox is done
next face is a dishabituation
so not whole lot of fun
after dishabituation
i KNOW i can build my own little nation.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thank you, glad to be back and readidng you all, you all are a bunch! Wich makes for great interesting and diverse reads, I’ll catch up with you, be a stalkier for a while before I go back.

      1. Well…..damn you evil, I’m the handsome man than anybody can see. Actually now that I think about it I should charge you people every time I hang a photo of me.

    1. Hi there Wally, here I am trying to read a bunch of you, nice, I missed it. Catch you later I still have about a week or so to be in the “internet world” before I go back

      1. Waving like the Queen! And left-handed! Your presidency will be over quickly.
        I recommend Napoleanesque with sprinkles of Stalin. Spice it up.

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