I’ve got a problem…..

You saw that?!!
That is why I called… what?
Yes I was born to be a writer, I know I haven’t sudy the art,
so that makes me a dumb, bumb bumb!!!
Since a quite early age books fascinated me,
don’t know why, so my guess is that there was some genesto writing this song.
I had a bunch of jobs, crazy jobs, no wonder my body hurts….but the writing
I found out is much more exciting. When I put the work on it that is,
not only “poetry” but other type of writing that I don’t post
because is so exciting.

So you can see the problem?

People talk to me and they bore me, I’m listening to my mind,
put this character here or there, what is his story to be
part of my story, a fantasy world that I create and just love it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. In general people do bore me, at the same time I can listen, and their goes the characters. By the way I’m not all that antisocial, I exagerate quite a bit, but it is true, the mundane things do bore me.

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