Every day is a world day….. screw that

So yesterday was “Aids day”, I found out by reading another blogger.
My uncle died 2 years ago of aids, so did he have a great day of
celebration? No, just me and my mother, and to be honest since she
does read the blog, it was 100% more of her standing by his
big brother, but I didn’t see any other people saying or doing shit.
Except the nurses and doctors.

And this one is ironic, the day before I got out of rehab it was
“Alocholic day”, then there is the “Cancer woman day” and day after
day there is some stupid shit of day, so what is the meaning? The
real meaning to us all? None, be honest. Obviously for the peoplew who suffer
those problems yes it obviously have a meaning to them, but for the other people..
no really, they are living their life and is normal to not watch days that are
miserable, at least for me.

If I start saying how fucked up is my body or telling my life I would be posting
every day “A Day”. So I figured today is the “Happy day, or..Charly day”. Write it on the calendar
so you don’t forget.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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