It hurts!!!

I hope you were not eating…..damn it hurts!
Mine is not all that messed up but red, blue, bigger than a baseball,
and I can barely walk. Who would have thought that the little “pissan”
of a nail would create such barbaric pain. I should sue somebody…..but
I don’t know who, it would be kind of stupid to sue myself.
Damn it hurts!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Sir Charley Priest. If this IS your toe, you go to the hospital today. I’m a nurse and this is a sever infection and if its a nasy germ you can get sepsis and the it is ver dangerous. This will NOT go away without strong antibiotic. And if this is a joke…I won’tmforgive you. Off you go to the med.

    1. Is not my toe, but the nail did get very deep inside and the toe turned red, blue, brown, big as a baseball and I went to the doctor and they did give me antibiotics so now it doesn’t hurt and I can at least move it. And I can at least walk. Still I have to go back so they can tell me what do I do with the freaking stuck nail

      1. I think so too, why do we need a toe? I can walk perfectly without it. It’s just in the middle of things, if you cut off the toe even the shoes would fit better in the shoe.

      2. I agree, ut I think the Big toe is good for keeping the balance, and the little one and one in the middle…

      3. You’re actually right, I’ m going to ask the doctor to take out the toe and the little one,
        but not the one in the middle, I know you can be a bailarina to keep that balace but I need the one in the middle, anyways I’ ll cut the big one and small one and then I can run a marathon….but, if you run it with me

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