1. I am a proud American. I would fight to the last breath for her and her allies. I am bursting with pride for our armed forces. I am ashamed of our president and those who think like him.

    1. Having been myself in the Spanish army, politics is all aside. But you should be proud and give some charity to those soldiers.
      Here in Spain is different, half of the population looks at the army as oppressive, and I think the other 25% don’t know we have armed forces and the other 25% don’t care, wich at the time when I joined, we really didn’t care about parades or people saying like in the U.S “thank you for your service”, it was just not wired into our mind thinking that we would get a congratulation or something like that.
      Point being, you are a proud American so if you are able or can do something for that 1% of the population that is in the armed forces and you guys really do the heavy fighting, so I will encourage you to give up some money to all the bunch of organizations that you have over there that help the soldiers.

      1. I think it is disgraceful for a country to dishonor their soldiers who fight for them. I know there are armies that are in the hands of tyrants…a lesson from Hitler and many before. When our soldiers came back from VNam they received a very cold welcome, much different from the returning forces of WW1 and 2. It is a disgrace on our country. My grandfather has a purple heart from the War in VN so is a sore point for me that we betrayed our military in that era. WE say thank you to our military now, whenever we can and fight for the rights of veterans. Our president avoided the draft on the basis of a bone spur and his father’s money and this weekend we Floridians paid for another trip for him to spend his holidays at Mara Lago palace in Palm Beach.

      2. I don’t want to get into politics, I will only what we as a group thought, we were going into a screwed up country and we had a mission to accomplish, wich we did, and preferaly not get into in the specifics of how you have to acomplish that mission, you can use your imagination. I only know that I had those guys, not my country or anything symbolic like that, just my guys.

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