1. Charly Priest do not come on my blog to threaten me. I am not the “morality police.” I removed you from my follow list before you left that strange comment. I am not concentrating on you… I have NO idea what you are talking about. If you are spending the new year in Jail wtf has that got to do with me? You are to blame for your own results. I have done NOTHING to you but ask if you were against gypsies and Moroccans. Your language gap SUCKS. GET over it.
    I renewed my vows with my husband and we are celebrating peace in the New Year. Best of luck to you. I am not interested in you. I have not harmed you. You are paranoid. Get a better translator for this reply. On your turf… NOT mine.
    You are not at war with me. You are at war with yourself.
    I am sorry you feel so wounded by me… for asking a question.
    You said one day we would be friends… and now you have been brutish to me online.
    How about we part ways now and you SIMPLY behave your self around me?

      1. Charly, I’m not in a trap. That’s in your mind. Stop making things up. My experiences are not yours and vice versa. I don’t think you are dumb. I don’t think a lack of a formal education makes you stupid.
        I am sorry I hurt your feelings and made you feel defensive. I am sorry I made you feel judged.
        I don’t think you should act like going to jail makes you a better or bigger man on behalf of anyone. You can do better for you and others by not going to jail. But with me, You are currently shadow boxing.
        How about we say peace and best of luck to one another now. Let’s shake hands, part ways? This fight isn’t necessary.
        I don’t hate you. I think you deserve to have good things happen to you. I don’t want to add to your stress or cause you any reason to become enraged.
        you are a passionate young man… so… know your own nature and stop throwing yourself away.

      2. love ya, and by the way keep this comment save and secure because…. I might be homeless tomorrow or today lets say.
        See you on the flip side.

      3. Whaaat? You’re gonna be homeless? You’re in jail or homeless? Charly Priest… I am so sorry to hear that.
        I work with the “tiny house project” in Oregon state USA… and that is about helping homeless people get into a space that is livable.
        Talk to me… if you wanna… I don’t think you need to go rock bottom…
        make amends with your Gypsy woman… and be home.
        talk to me… i dunno what the flip side is…
        and neither do u.

      4. If I don’t have the money to pay the rent, then out I go into the freezing cold, guess who robbed me, yep the Marrocans and now I don’t have anything to eat, and I told the landlord some crap story that by the day 8 I’ll have the money, go figure how, at least it buys me sometime to figure out something…..hey! are we becoming internet friends?

      5. wow Charly, that’s terrible… maybe you can find some people to be roommates that can pitch in to help pay the rent? Maybe your theatre group can help you fund-raise the rent thru sum kind of one nite performance?
        Getting robbed sucks… and it’s such bad karma for those people who did it.
        But so…Yeah… maybe we are becoming internet friends. 🙂
        I will keep a good thought for you and hope for the best.

      6. How do you know about the “theatre” group? I think your a CIA spy
        About the MARRCANS, 3 of them, I’ m stll walking around the great big town to try to find them, It won’t take much is will be my guess, and you know who is with me 3 other Marrocans, just in case you call me racist again, I judge people as individuals not as a group. Pilus I have 5 stiches in my cool eyebrown, been in worst situations so screw this fucker, actually that is what we are going to do, put a screw on each one.
        By the way I think this relationship is going someplace, so do you want to get married in Hawaii? I can also arrange to be in Bahammas….your choice
        and here is the video that will make you mad, you did write on my”about” page, that was scary by the way, did you read I have a “ironic sacastic dark sense of humour”?
        well here goes the video, and this guy is a great comedian, I should add that is not the weed talking…….maybe yes, point being, I forgot

      7. YOU told me you got a small part in a play.
        so I mentioned the theatre group…
        I never called you racist.
        I think you and I need to part ways now.
        I already told U I am married.
        Best of luck Charly. You’re going to need it only going on the one cylinder you have left.

      8. Jesuuus, was that a lizard? you do know they bite right? But it was your husband holding on to it, see? You almost killed him……. (winking at you

      9. blue belly lizards are not poisonous. My husband is a fearless man nevertheless.
        I will certainly give him your regards.

    1. Hold on now….woman! I just read this comment, don’t remove me of followers because I’ll sue you in wordpress court.
      Love ya, eventually your going to love me so…looooooove ya. And I’ll try my best to behave when I write to you.

      1. You are already removed and I think that’s for the best. Go ahead and read my work or check out my art or listen to the groovy tunes i post or find out the recommendations posted… but I will not be emailing you directly to say when i post.
        You need to work a little harder for what is right and less for what you desire.

      2. I’ll make you do the work for what I desire, did you say you were married? run ruuuun!
        Sorry, I can only see with one eye, the other one or pretty much my right face is busted, real good by the way. You feel sorry? No. You want to marry me? Yes. But I’ll hold on until my right part of the face doesn’ t look like a football field. I can’t even open my fucking right eye.
        Point being……”You need to work a little harder for what is right and less for what you desir” True

      3. who U hanging with??? Biz ness?
        ‘cuz check yer spelling Charly…
        adjective: Moroccan

        relating to Morocco or its people.
        “a Moroccan tagine”

        noun: Moroccan; plural noun: Moroccans

        a native or inhabitant of Morocco, or a person of Moroccan descent.
        “an urbane Moroccan who has lived all over the world”

        What’s marracan?

        What is right is CLARIFICATION at the very least.
        Not playing games with me or practicing your bravado. The way u say you’ll “try and behave” for example is a bullshit Juvenile expression.
        You are not very honest with yourself. So if it’s true your’e going to jail a lot and or going homeless, it’s still your choice. You don’t get to blame anyone for your catastrophe because YOU do not try very hard.
        You have one life to make for yourself. Do NOT throw yourself away.
        Fare thee well Charly Priest…
        I bode the well.

      4. Listen, it seems you have a fixation with me.
        So I’ll might just tell you before you get again all intellectual on me.
        I live in a very small town, I live with 400 euros each month, so I go to the social security service and I see it’s full of marrocans asking for “help” and then I go to my house and the same guys are selling dope infront of my house. As of right now I have 4 stitches in my left eyebrow and 5 on my right part of the face because of fighting these idiots. at least one went to the hospital with me, kind of weird really.
        2 of my best friends are Marrocans, hard workers and they are the ones who give me here and there a job, back breaking job but never the less it’s a job. I judge people as individuals not as a group.
        So please don’t bring me this intellectual thing when you really have no clue, I respect you and we will probably become friends but at least a bit of respect, and I do apologize for oher comment I made.

      5. Charly, you have trust issues that are not my problem. And I am not fixated on you at all. Just because a woman bothers with you doesn’t make her obsessed with you or in love. I am not the one asking you to marry me after several bullshit correspondences.
        Originally, I asked you a question on your about page about what you meant when speaking to Angela about Gypsies and Moroccans and you flipped out. You got CRAZY. Then you wanted to tell me your sob story…
        I am an intellectual woman so I am not “getting all intellectual” on U.
        The point is, that you can’t handle and don’t know how to just talk to another smart human being who happens to have a pussy. That is YOUR problem not mine.
        You aren’t asking for a “debate” you like to go into fisticuffs. You are a fight or flight reaction. Not using your brains at all.
        Again, NOT my problemo. Capeche?
        Now go away. Stop flirting with me.

      6. Jessuuuu Christ, you really want me to read all this, actually I read it.

        Not because you are a woman I write to you like that, and I’m sorry to being such a crazy guy but my lifeu is kind of crazy so I just went a bit off the road whith you comment, so sorry for that, I truly mean it.

        There is no debate, eitheir you like my poetry or not, actually this is the one that just came out of the blue


        love ya

  2. And don’t try “to behave” with me… BE more honest with yourself and just have sum f*cking self respect.
    I worked my way up from blue collar to cream of the crop (which U get hung up on) but I am still me… the same girl who always made art and could express her emotions to anyone on the planet while care-taking for it.
    I am talented and have an education… ‘cuz I had parents who wanted that for their kids. No matter what else we were, we believed in learning.
    Your DUMBASS fears about me being CIA in jokes or otherwise are the walls you have built around yourself… so that you can blame others for why you have no money or true love that you can believe in. You are not honest yet Charly Priest.
    it was NICE to meet you.
    thank you for allowing me forum.
    Kate (or Tabby)

    1. Jesus….. you have anger issues. I just respect you as a human being or person, don”t pull that thing about comming from a blue collar ground, hey! you did well with your life and belive it or not that makes me happy to see other people doing well, God bless you, yep, I’m a true believer on HIM.

      1. I have Anger issues? This coming from the guy who goes to jail for beating up people and who is currently hunting for “robbers” so you can get revenge with your posse?
        Goodbye Charly Priest. I don’t want anything to do with you. Peace.

      2. Charly… I don’t hate you. I never did. But you bounce back and forth between your worry and fear and you presume and you get paranoid and you make walls before you make bridges.
        You accuse before you learn the truth.
        Good that you helped a homeless person. Do it because it is right for you and not because you wanna impress me.
        YOU are loved Charly. With or without me. Be the love.
        it’s inside you, not outside of you.
        so Don’t beat people up.
        and don’t throw yourself away.
        You can let go of me now and feel safe.

      3. Yu’ve never been bored by me Charly. I’m the only person giving U the time of day.

      4. Sorry, I just woke up from a drunken stupper and is 1 a.m here in Spain, so I just read your comment wich is quite the thing as to how I’m now, by the way I got, or they put me, 10 stiches on my beautiful face, I freaking look like the elephant man

      5. I don’t tolerate practicing alcoholics. Get help Charly. Pay your rent. Stop beating up people and don’t go to jail ‘cuz of booze.
        LOVE and peace to you my friend. Write poems. drink water. breathe air. and explore.
        Remember why U matter on planet earth and STOP bullshitting me.

      6. The last sentence “stop bullshitting me” that I can’t, by the way the jail and fighting things for me is normal, so forget about that, getting back to the bullshit, you read my “about” page, I have an ironic sarcastic dark sense of humour and people will like it and others won’t. Something to that effect, so it seems you are the second, and I also bet you are from India

      7. Your excuses are lame.
        I am from the U.S.A (west coast) and I had the honor to study the Sarangi which is the east indian violin as well as Raga with Hafizullah Khan (R.I.P.).

      8. I knew you where a rich kiddo, trying to save the worlf no?
        And I also now that people like me that go through hell everyday, in my case I like to see the other side, wich is a fucked up if I think about it, what do you want to eat? It’s almost 3 p.m here in the land of the wild bulls, so what do you want to make you for dinner? I learned long time ago and quickly that mommy wasn’t there.
        By the way can you translate that into :Hafizulla, and also, the RIP you wrote at the end, rest in peace. I shall, is not what you have done in this young world, it is about how many things you have affected. And done, I love this shit,……….yeeeeeeha

      9. I’m not rich if you mean money… my boots have holes in the soles and my socks get wet…
        but I have been fortunate, yes… I’m educated.

      10. Bi-lingual is impressive INDEED! but you got no comprehension yet. Yer goood for the work, tho right?

      11. U are 56? no kidding? You look 30.
        okay I grant u that i am the youngster.
        U still need to quit drinking whiskey tho old man. Love ya.

      12. Right…. I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about, and I’m getting pretty angry, don’t push it, ha haaaa, winking at you… or not

      13. You’re not angry… you’re being silly ‘cuz U think U want your way, as if you knew your way.
        Charly Priest… drink water. Eat real whole foods. Go to bed.
        Take care of Charly. Those are your orders.

      14. No you are not angry with me or the universe. You’re angry with how you are betraying yourself and letting your own self down.

      15. You got that right, that is why people in my blog really have an appreciation to me and me to them, so yes mam, you are completely correct in your comment.
        o! you are dumb by the way, talk about “trolls” but I like it, gives me a sense of superiority when answering your brilliant comments, keep on going, da da da di di!

      16. YOU wrote: “Sorry, I just woke up from a drunken stupper and is 1 a.m here in Spain, so I just read your comment wich is quite the thing as to how I’m now, by the way I got, or they put me, 10 stiches on my beautiful face, I freaking look like the elephant man”
        You also told me you like to drink Whiskey…
        I do NOT trust whiskey drinkers.
        I know what dark animal you want to be when you are drunk on whiskey.
        You are not smarter than me. You are just a mean man. I don’t want to read your “work” because you don’t know what work is.

      17. How I know people like your type, by the way you are not alone, anyways I’m not going to debate with you since your only thing is call out names at me and try to make me sad or something, but yes, I am smarter than you.
        love ya and keep it cooming, it’s quite fascinating

      18. I’m a fool with a cool, by the way what is it with you? If I’m a fool why would a person comment toa fool? It seems to me a unpleasant work no?

      19. Nope, you can’t it is in your DNA to do what you are doing, no worries though I’ve been called a lot of names , but fools? Never heard that……. I think,
        Stay Frosty gentess, and read by Shakesperian writing will you, damn…….

      20. what song are U referring to? How about YOU go to sleep Charly Priest… or work? I dunno what time it is in spain. Why are you speaking to me, a woman who makes you feel small?

      21. Don’t call yourself a dumb shit. I hate it when you do that. You’re not dumb. You keep saying you find me boring Charly, but you also keep trying to follow my blogs. If I am boring to you… stop doing that.
        Here is a song for you 🙂

      22. You make yourself feel sad. You should feel sad. You don’t love yourself. You can’t love any woman for real because you hate yourself. You blame women. Telling you the truth is loving. Stop drinking and blaming the universe for your problems. You have called me names Charly Priest. You have told me how you know my “type” and you have begged for my attention. You asked me to marry you. You told me how I felt about you… like it was my interest in you sexually that was happening, even tho I told you I was married. You said you didn’t remember anything, you told me I was boring, you said i was right, you said “love ya” and keep it cooming.
        You threatened me with racism, sexism, and violence. And ALL I did originally was ask you a question not worrying how I offended you by doing so.
        You have learned english but not COMPREHENSION.
        You are not “fascinated” yet. You lack curiosity.

      23. Fuck shit crazy!!! You lost the humour long time ago so is no going back, so now what because you wrote a whole novel, wich I really don’t have the energy to keep it on.
        But you are funny though.

      24. by accident I saw your recent posts, not the whole thing but the pictures with your shirt off…
        and with the cigar…
        and um… you are outta shape.
        You are gross Chary. Your gun is not cool. Your military is stoopid.
        You are a drunk idiot.
        peace bro.

      25. What is with the words” RIGHT NOW” do they have to be in big letters? You think you’re big ha, don’t you don’t youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
        love ya
        fuck my head is killing me, to much to drink and I think I did fight someone, but I forgot now, you got the point right? I’m doing you a super favour since I deal with psychology and people like you just love the “thing” hold on….. love ya!

      26. Um… drink water and get sum rest. Then eat sumpin’ nutritious. U need help. Your thinking is stinking, so I’ll take your responses with a grain of salt. take care Charly Priest.

      27. You sound like…. well I was going to say my mother, but actually everybody tells me about this thing, and you know what….. I’m going and comming a Jihaddist!… A LA AKBAR, that is why they are a bunch of nuts, no woder in their prayer the have at the end BAR, freaking drunks

      28. Well, maybe u should listen to yer ma. She loves u. she doesn’t want u to kill yourself.

      29. the PROBLEM with you is you think I’m here to entertain you. And yet You investigate NOTHING. It’s all too long too read for U. Your boredom is your own fault. My mother NEVER allowed boredom. It was on us to find our own way. So poo poo on U.

      30. My mother….. well she is dead so that is that, and I can keep on going about how people bore me, sorry I had to take a sip of wiskey to get my hangover out, by the way what is “poo poo on U” doesn’t make much sense

      31. You don’t need whiskey. You need to take responsibility for your self care and to stop blaming others for your own poor self care. You are not bored. You’re lying to yourself.

      32. You got it all wrong, I never blame anybody for my actions, my actions take me where I’m at, there is a correlation between “act and effect”, I don’t feel sorry for myself,that is the last thing I do, and certainly not blame ofthers for my actions. And to tell you the truth I’m quite happy with some actions I did and do.
        I would tell you yes that you a right, believe me, but in this case you are wrong for one reason, you don’t know me.
        love ya

      33. you lied to yourself honey. You say “try to debate me” like U got sumpin to “win” and there’s no fight, and when all u keep screaming for is love.

      34. because you are still commenting and I’ll giveyou a price since you deserve it, I’ ll make coffee, yep, you still commenting…..and here I am after being with the police commenting to you, at least you amuse me

      35. you are a flabby out of shape man. & you smoke too much. welcome to a heart attack. You drink too much and can’t control your emotions. U think U are a tuff guy. But U are sad. U need sum one to tell U this, but U hate whomever does the work.

      36. you have said you are not a racist in the past and you accused me of accusing you of being one when I asked you a question, and now you are saying you are one.
        I wish I never read your blog or commented Charly.
        I realize you actually need mental help. You are not consistent. If you keep getting drunk and want to fight and beat people up, and you land in jail and you get robbed, and you blame others,
        well… YOU reap what YOU sew. Sow.
        snap out of it.
        TAKE CARE of yourself. You were already sad. Stop making it worse. Get healthy and start caring about others. Stop excusing your behavior. BE LOVE you idiot.

      37. Really…. do yoga, I didn’t even read the comment, just read the first tow sentences and you put me to sleep, do yoga!!!! wakamola!!!! see? another racist term…….
        love ya

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