Hospital Time!!!..again

Fuck me in the ass it’s freezing out there,
so be aware off a long time there.
Yep, another 5 stitches, but at least I can thank
the man….he will understand.
So now I got 5 stitches above my left eye
and 5 other ones in the “smack” of my right face…
what a disgrace, but to tell the truth they where many of them
yep, the Moroccans, and I’m just one.
And the next time they tell me “get out of this town”
the better lover I will become. You hit one, and they all
pile on top of you, next time next time…..just get the knife out
and kill these bitches, walking around with my right face swollen
like a kangaroo stolen, not again with fist fights, they are too
many, so I’ll keep the cool and be steady, and ready, and the knife
will go to at least on of the Moroccans that are a whore.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Well, maybe it’s real and not creative writing….anyhow I hope you move out of that town. I know it’s easier said than done. But I hope you get out of there.It’s seems that there is not much good too be found n those streets.

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