mind games

I do look normal right?
That IS THE WOMAN, yep, mommy.

Anyways I want to conveys
Some bad shit that you can spit
My life it doesn’t matter
I hate whatever is that has hatter
Loosing my religion
It seems a got to the point of extradition
I will kill the son of a bitch
That put my on my face five stitch
I fucking look like the Elephant man
Sorry momma…..I’m just kidding,remember?
It’s called creative writing
And I just started to learn this type of fighting….
just mind games.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Your mum looks faboulous! And since I have followed your blog for 4 years now, I now she also is fabolous on the inside. How are you doing after your rehabilitation program?. Is it a struggle or are things going well? Your writing is brilliant as usual.

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