Dorothy was right

Dorothy you told me something
that I relinquish to my head understanding
so what happened….

I lived in small filthy towns
Full of clowns
Dorothy said “no!!”
I said hello, smirking,
And got myself to do dirty working,
Then things eventually
Came out not accordingly…to my great genius plan
So I stood back in shock
Then hit myself with a rock

Dorothy Dorothy….
I thought you was crazy
Or was my head too lazy?

Yes, Dorothy was right.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I don’t believe you don’t meet people, you are hot woman!!! I bet I go to a bar with you and after ordering some drinks I turn my head and you are already playing the other guy

      2. I also like to chat with diff…diffffff…. what happened there, you can’t write?
        Anyways, here is my plan, you ready? hit it!
        we go into a bar together as husband and wife,
        then you start talking shit to me, (like most woman do to me), like… “you are not listening to me!” or “where you with that girl?!!!!” or some other crazy thing you use to manipulate, and you walk off from me and the men around will see and hear all that and to themselves they will say “this is my oportunity” and jas you move while crying the guys will invite you to drinks and probably more, and then you say while I’m alone in the stool of the bar with a miserable face, you’ll tell them that you need 50$ for the taxi to get home, they beat me up then, I walk out and you are standing behind some wall and we devide the money.

      3. 60 percent for you and the rest for me, for crying out loud and woman complain they don’t get equal pay…..
        here I have this video resereved for all of you evil women

      4. I’m also into yoga, specially after having had 5 wiskies I lean back close my eyes and do my yoga thing, we have a lot in common, so the scenario that I wrote before can also happen in a yoga class, no worries, you’ll get rich with me.

      5. I don’t know, I’m just a guy that lives in a small Spanish town full of criminals, and this time I don’t include myself, but cappuccino sounded nice, like in the movies, what do people drink here? Yep, just black coffe, I’m not a coffe type of guy, I’m a tea type of guy, goes good for the human interim system.
        So tea it is, tell me when and where we go to have tea

      6. No woman!! wiki wki is fucki fucki……. did I said that outloud, sorry, I just got “home” after spending one hour in the bus talking to the guys that know me from town, and actually a made the girl laugh that was with them, so hold to your belt, i might take it off…kidding, anyways seems that i make you smile and laugh, without being a badass,
        love ya

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