1. ahhh – CP1 – I see you found the song….
    and cheers to a wonderful year – welcome 2018
    have a great day Sir Spaniard
    Mister Prior

      1. Gracias preciosa, cuando vas a adoptarme? Seria un poco raro eso si, adoptar a un hombre de 35 years, pero estamos en el 2018, asi que todo vale hoy en dia.
        love ya

      2. Another more to your lazyness….. hummm, I’m not gonna get married to a woman, I’m going off road, to the other side, I bet gays don’t have these problems

      3. well I am not even going there on the topic – but all relationships will have hurdles and things to work through – it depends on the people and how they water their garden – I mean how they tend to their relationship and how much baggage they have. And I know that because my spouse and I share the same faith and also make sure we stay healthy individually – and we remember to not neglect the garden

      4. that is okay – start where you are – and keep talking to God about it all and see where he leads and feeds – 🙂
        and he says he will give us the “desires of our hearts”

      5. I appreciate it, trully do, and I’m sorry for taking up your time sending you my “great poems” for you to actually take the time and read them, then give me feedback and I didn’t so anything with it, God bless you, but times are changing I can feel it and I can do it.

      6. that is okay – you will do something with them in the right time – and they are ready to go if you ever want me to publsih them on my account.
        but only when you are ready…
        it is an artist thing so don’t worry – I get it – Sir Spaniard

      7. hahaha
        well maybe there is still someone out there that will be your perfect partner – I believe we all have someone that could fit that role and maybe you have not met the right one yet – well don’t give up on the idea and stay keeping yourself well and growing in the meantime cos it takes two wholes to make a good one (and the healthier you get the more stability you bring to the union, ya know)

      8. No I don’t have lately nice days, but, if you introduce me to one of your girlfriends then she can become my girlfriend………. she has to be hot though.
        Fu…k me, I really say this things outloud, but don’t tell that to the your girlfriend that you are going to introduce to me, say he works in wall street, great income, serious, and all those things.

  2. oh and hanks for the shout out – and I have to note that over here int he states Lauren Daigle has been overplayed the last couple of years – which is why I was surprised that this song spoke to me this month – I reached a point to where I had to change her songs when they came on…. but this one was smooth and fresh…..
    anyhow, enjoyed hearing it again
    peace out amigo

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