Hit it!

I can’t sleep, started writing at 4 a.m, and now
I don’t know what to write anymore, except hit it!
What is it now 2988 crazy people that hit the follow thing,
might as well round to 2900, just hit the follow thing,
and we are good. If not I will go after you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. woooha….aloha…. just dreaming, don’t like the real world so I just live in the one i created…..Mr. Ankers I hope you are being funny because I’m getting a little bit a bit to smart wich the consequences are not all that good, damn….. I want some food!

      2. I don’t fucking care, it was me who got the knife into his marrocan arm, me with 5 others from the military, the twenty plus muslim bitches got a bit scared, and trust me when you call your olf friends from the army and tell them how I can’t even get out of my house without them trying to fight me, you better pray to you God that only us five againts 20 something, the ran like bithes, although nobody supposed that I had the knife, pretty crazy right? Imagine then what I did in the freaking army, quick instinctic shot to the head.
        Fuck the muslime marrocans, they came yesterday to my house wich I live with other 3 people and the little fuckers throwing rocks at my window, so today they got what they diserve, and next time is not going to be me and 4 others I just got in my war sense, gonna be a platoon of ex sapnish legion crazies, against this muslim fuckers.

        Damn, now I got it out and feeling ……fine with a bit of whine

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