1. Video wouldn’t play.
    If you embrace your inner sissy, you will be a far better man, which of course you already are, but may not realize, and you may want to stop limiting your own self by these sort of limiting definitions.
    A comment like this is the price you pay for liking me. You can block me in a easy heartbeat.

    1. Cindy, I have been called worst… wich actually you didn’t call me anything you just gave your opinion, and for that I’m grateful.
      I know I have to work and work and also work things in me, and the man upstairs helps me, but I still screwing around, yesterday I got in another fight, although this time I did call the police, you know I’m not racist but so it happens that all the marrocans seems they want to kick my ass, they went so far as to try to get into my apartment, is not a cosy town, and no wonder I have a court date because I pulled a knife between 10 to 15 that were surrounding me, and yesterday after the fight, wich wasn’t that much compared to others, I did call the police and today I will put at least one guy in the judicial process, but i still have to live in this piece of shit town and sooner or latter something not good is going to happen. The police already knows me even better than my mother, but I don’t step out of my house withought my knife. They already tried to stab me and I had to run, so that is the real situation. And here in Spain is no law that says “stand your ground” and if you get robbed you shoot his ass, if I stab these idiots and the police know they are there selling drugs, wich they even told me and got pissed at them saying ” why don’t you fucking arrest them” sorry for the language I just get upset, to say the least.

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