1. Jesus Charly.
    The narrator said it,
    not me,
    “Jesus died for them too.”
    Humans fuck everything up.
    You kinda need to know this,
    in case you actually don’t.
    Even the heroic soldier,
    fucks up.
    I agree,
    much less than most,
    Go look for wild animals,
    or something,
    besides humans and their stories,
    to explain,
    your reality.
    Find Jesus,
    or something,
    uncorrupted by human beings.
    It worked for me.
    Find yourself man,
    away from us.
    I will unfollow you,
    if you want,
    because I don’t want to hear,
    how much you may hate me,
    for what I say.
    I hate what I say too.
    Which is why I rarely,
    ever say anything.
    So maybe we are,
    in accord,
    I am fucked up,
    and so are you,
    I am just older.
    So I say,
    stop flaying about.
    You have a very important message,
    to impart.
    Stop drinking.
    Stop killing yourself.
    Focus on your message.
    It’s important.
    You’re important.

    1. Cindy… did you really cursed? You did say the word “fuck”, and I thought you weare some kind of angel, sort of like mommy, but no, anyways, coult you write the next comment if you want to that is in full, no
      You said YOU are a fucked up?
      First off I dissagree since you build your own life and a good one,
      Second off….yes I should stop drinking, but never the less you people like to see me, the fuck up one, it’s always a good story for people to read,
      third off…. you scared me, using all those sillables like “fuck” I don’t know if that is a nown or sillable or something….
      Forth of all, love ya

  2. Cracking up….Everyone is screwed up my friend. I used to challenge clients who would say, “I am too screwed up to see you,” to bring me their mentally healthy friends. They immediately “got” that they don’t have any. They are degrees of severity of course, and mine may be relatively minor, comparatively, but there are no human beings without mental health problems. If someone says they are such, that is in itself, a mental health problem! All I am saying, is focus on your strengths which are many, and your message which is really important, and take care of yourself. God loves you and so do lots of people.

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