What’s with the fights?

Here we go…or not go, point being this was the last fight

Na, not really there have more, and guess who against?….fucking marrocans,
they sell drugs, they fight but won’t back down.
So the point, is that I have to fight them off.
How in the world can I avoid them if they live just infront of my house?
As off right now I got 5 stiches in my left eye, wich is the same that
the other gave me, yep, in the left freaking eye. I look like a donousour.
Point being…. I’m not a racist obviously, my best friend is marrocan,
forgot thay I was in the army you silly, another point…. won’t give up,
but some come into my coutry to sell drugs and get the benefits of the social security,
hell yes I’ll fight them until I die.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses….holy! look at this beautil person, I shoud
stay mor like that… I guess


    1. And that is exactly what friend tell me, and I say no, hell no, in my mind nobody tells me where to live, nobody tells me “don’t go here or there” Is my country, they are just guest that they should be under urrest. I don’t care if they’re Chineese…. actually there are Chineeese here and do they do what these fucking Marrocans do? No, they are working 24/7, so as I said, my best friend is a Marrocan, he is actually the one that I felt in hard times gives me work, but these others…. makes my head go to a dark place, and they are too many, but no, is my town, my country, they are just guest here if they keep doing what they do

  1. Hello Charly. You took some pieces out of two of them so I hope they’ll leave you alone now, but yes, do take care of yourself, I guess there’s good and bad in every race – we have some great Pakistani friends over here, but a hell of a lot of cheapos too. They have no respect for women, that’s what I can’t stand. BTW, the rugged look suits you!

    1. One of my great friends is Marrocan, he actually saw my face and told me who and where they, he obviously knows all the other Marrocans, and he is a MAN that will slap the shit of them, them being 19 year old kids that 5 against one….I do fight pretty good but 5, hit two good and then they poured on me so as of right now I have 17 stiches that commes out of my mind, I lost track of them.
      Anyways, now I finally have internet so read you later.

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