Jesus walk with me

Jesus walk with me
Jesus talk to me

The devil
Can’t bring me down in a downward swirl

Jesus please walk with me
You don’t even have to look at me

Jesus walk with me until I die
And I will be happy and will not cry

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. This is what wrong with the USA. Sport stars not respecting the flag, took saying the pledge of alliance out of the school. Don’t speak of God in the school. if your kids act-up. Can give them discipline. Thank you God. I was raised in a better time. My dad told me. Good grades or I whip your ass. Act right or I whip your ass. The fear factor did work. I got good grades and I stayed out of trouble. USA need Jesus. Quit giving in to Muslim influence. I liked your words my friend.

    1. Having read you for a cuple of years, I think you are being sarcastic or maybe not, I bleed like anybody else when my father gave me a
      whipping, I can handle that. I don’t know if te U.S needs Jesus, I do know I myself Charly do need him.
      Quick story, the South American I got in a fight last week, eventually his brother saw me in town and I went to church with him and his girlfriend. Just live right?

      1. You are right my friend. Charley Barkley, a retired basketball player. His mother told him. The players have the right to not respect the flag. Poor people, have the right to demonstrate. Barkley told his mother. The player and us are rich. We are not suffering. We enjoy the life in the USA. Church is good. I need to go.

  2. Beautiful peom, Charly. We all need Jesus (or a higher power) and to say you are not a good religious person only confirms how good you are…we are all sinners, Charly, but not everyone acknowledges it…you do:) x

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