Just a cute post

I figured that writing about miseries all day it depresses me, so… here we go with a me crazy!

When I go I go off road
I go rogue,
so the damn animal
wich I consider a criminal
thought it would be nice to sleep on top of me
so….let it be.
But when in the world did the animals had priority over humans?
I guess we got to get back the crazy Romans.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I was in my mothers house, passed out as you can see, and the mother decided to take a picture, that can tell you something.
      I love the freaking dog, although she is crazier than me, so next time when I see the dog I’m the one who is going to sleep on top of her

  1. You have an awesome dog and she loves you too! LOL! Otherwise, she will not go near you. So you have a loving bulldog just as I have a loving inanimate furball or you call freaky yellow cat LOL!

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