bad boy bad boy what you …….

Bad boy bad boy what you gonna do when they come for you…..
Not really,
there are in my small town too many criminally,
i just pass by and engage them,
that is why…again i have 6 stitches,
these fuckers know how to fight by the way
I yell heeeeeeey!!
Yes it was with the marrocans, and do not call me a racist,
if you do, well then you call my mother and ask her who is my best friend,
holy shit, it is a marrocan that works pays his taxes and all round he is a good person,
what does piss me off if these… fucking go to the security services to get help from the state,
and obviously i see them in the park selling drugs, not cool but i am a fool, thinking or just reacting
that one person a.k.a ….me, can be the hero, not really, i just go and bust faces,
wich no wonder with 5 guys i got the shit beat out of me, but i will say that that the two that
came first ended up in kookos nest.
Again five or six stitches, but they told me to go to the hospital wich i refuse, they called the police
and his name is Luis, they all know me by the way, just that you fucking rat.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, wooooooha! gentesses….hummmm


  1. Aww Charly, this is not at all good! I hope you will consider moving out of this neighborhood and let the police deal with the riff raffs. Please take care. Too many stitches and too often is not good. Blessings!

    1. that’s what I thought too many stiticehs as was my wonderful face was, now It look like the fucking elelephant man.

      And I am not going nower, as long I can test them, to say the least, these fuckers got me, I problaim I’m a tough guy, so once you say that in public you must have to live to it, or die.
      Love ya yellow cat, you are good?

      1. No are Marlboro Man (*though I don’t support nor promote smoking 🤣) You are not elephant man! Please stay safe! I am surviving after a rough day at work. 😕

  2. Take care Charly and you don’t have o prove anything to them or us. Just get out of there, simply because you are worth som much better. Hugs

      1. I’ve been follwing your blog föor over 4,5 years. Because you have a great mind. So I don’t buy that it’s out. But I do respect that you keep it private. Stay safe and have a nice weekend Charly.

      2. You always “add value” to me, I too know a bit off you, even now that we don’t comment often, got a bunch of other comments to adress….ha, that sounded and is a dumb shit thing, point being here goes the point………………………………….now, seriously I do truly appreciate you as a person.

        Hey! It is 5.30 a.m, I might have been out and just returned, but don’t tell nobody, shuuuuuuush, anyways I was listening to this song, see if you like it, since I’m a bad boy

      3. Thank you Charly and sorry for the late reply. My computer has been broken. Now I got it back after that my son mended it. Thank you for the link, but I can’t open it. Take care!!

    1. Don’t worry for me, worry for you, I’m good….sort off. I do really appreciate you, actually I think that in my real life people worry less or at least they don’t express it. So thank you for the comment, it sounds crazy but thank you to you all people in wordpress you guys keep me going.

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