The roaming homeless man

Another dark rainy day under a bridge he woke up with all his muscles aching,
He started to think about all his decisions making,
The loved ones he hurt,
Tears dropped on his dirty shirt,
He walked to the liquor store,
Another day of drinking since he was a bore,
He looked at the bottle,
He did not stumble,
“To hell with it”, he spit,
whiskey dripped to the floor and the bottle stumbled down the road.

He cried again, regain, his composure, went to the salvation army for clean clothes and a shower,
He started roaming the town feeling down,

“Hey you!” Someone yelled at him
He turned and saw an old man in a van
“Could you please help me moving the furniture?”
He was dumbfounded
He is still roaming around but with hope.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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