The eminem woman

Come on mother,
you are something that is another,
of thinking
you are never sinking
even with cancer
you are a real panzer
i did get something from you
easy, not be a little sissy,
and i know you looooove the M in M’s,
your “kid” will bring them to you
when you later feel good
lova ya, and try to forgive me for my screw ups.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I’m 35, they kicked me out at 18, wich I can understand, pissed off or frighten when I joined the Spanish Legion, but even if she is ill,
      she thinks about me, I always tell her ” I’m good”, but what pisses me off is that she know I’m not good and she is not good, and I should be the one taking care of her.
      At he same time, she is a strong woman, so shw will never tell you anything, but she likes when I go to her house and chit chat, she is the best woman i have known and the strongest, might of well get the “strong”part out of here, and yes,
      she obviously loves me even when she literally kicks me in the ass, just my mommy,
      I’m getting my shit together so that is what she loves most, she doesn’t even think of her

      1. She kicks you in the ass to make you strong enough to survive after she’s gone. I wish I had realized that myself when I was younger.

    1. Appeciate the comment……how in the woldhe did you want to be mother,,,,ONE of th hardest jobs in the world, I did talk with here today and as soon I herd her crap up and her start crying, wich for me is abnormal, even though I think of her as a superhuman, I did told her ” If you cry again I will smack you” Then she got the laugh, and that is more important, we are not in my famillu a bunch of sissies, gotta make her laugh

      1. I was a dreamer and never imagined about the hard parts. I just always wanted to be a mother.
        I love your story, and I get that–we have had some hard times that only laughter will make it better

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