Nothing new in Spain, but it seems that in the US it is? And not because of your
president Trump…trumpy trumpy I have a monkey. These communist groups they don’t
come out of the blue, it’s a real well organisation, wich have tentacles world wide,
I won’t go further, because…. they bore me, but I did find this video funny,
specially being from Spain, I got in to fistfights with… many of them.
No wonder I have 16 stitches in all my face but in different places, and specially
when I was in the army.
Hey mom, love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Protests and violence are the “in thing” these days. I heard of shootings here in the US, the rise of stabbings in the UK, so on and so on…..

    1. I know, but these people won’t go and do mass murder, theyp believe in what some crazy shit a punk kids that mostly are or have an education that I didn’t accomplish,
      I said most………..But I as I sound grandous, I ‘m smarte than this idiots, been throgh worst and beeing from Spainn, i know how these idiots work……show you a f up thing,
      you got one miliatry gue agains too many comminst

      1. I’m sorry but the link won’t work. I’ll have to look it up on my own because we don’t hear much about Spain on the news.

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