tell them the truth

This speech for me translates to all affects of life, including the prayer, wich I need.

Going to run now to see if the place you can call on “locutorio” in spanish if it is open, since
first of all lets see if the phone booths work…it seems I live in a great town, everything is perfect.
Going to call…yep, mommy, she has cancer
and I’m not even there to help, shame on me.
Can’t sugar coat it, so the another reality would
be her, wich she actually reads my blog.( I think I fucked up helping her with this one)
Hey mom! well, this is what she will say ” You are full of shit, you have no feelings and stop with
that bullshit on your blog, most of it is a lie, you put yourself in a pedestal!”. True.
Hey mom! Well I don’t yell at her, she scares me, hello mother is just “creative writing”….most part.
It’s my reply.

(hope you got the double meaning of the title, is not only for her, she knows me)
Hold right there…forgot, kidding, I know my mother she hates this kind of dramatic
scenes, this “self motivation videos”. You people really think they had back in the day this stuff?
actually I gess,no,since most of you are older than me, shit, I’m just calling you OLD PERSONS….
being a wimp, doesn’t run in my parents DNA.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I remember when you and your mom helped a sick relative of yors. You we’re both heroes. And I hope your mom gets better. And wour words, true or false, it’s your blog, your world, your space. I send you a big hug.

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