Army, why not.

Actually from all the people in the world my mother told me to write about
this part of my life. Now she has cancer so I am back to taking care of my people.
Almost forgot…..

That is the new cool soldier
I wonder
I was a bit of a brawler
Hence I hit a first liuten<nt,
they switch the other A hole
to another A hole
at the last minute
since it was my second deployment
i knew what could happen in those type of just one moment
so i hit it and knock him out
masterly…..haha, fucking around
this is true
and i am wearing blue
the 1st sergeant
was the one who pulled me out
of going to jail, give a shout!
…….not good in the barracks
but good on the field
hey yo i seen me

That was no a cool uniform guy fighting……fuck!

Naaa, my guess is that one I smoked to much of…sorry it was the coffee,

Holy shit, forgot about that photo, just scrolling around the ¨Add media¨
actually forgot about all, just like to see them, but… I do know I have me….tan ta ta tan

There goes Little Charly in his good times, 24 years old, second tour in Afghanistan, sorry I meant Afghanishit,
ain´t that a handsome man, Young man at the time, hell, I´m handsome now, try to un-handsome me…. you cant!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Yes, on Tuesday she starts chemotherapy so it is a long run, I go back and forth from by house starting at 6 a.m to clean her house, and her roses and plants, and tres,, and the freaking dog,
      and then since she is a very active person, now that all her body hurts after taking out the tumour, ( from her belly to the ´down part´) she is obviously in quite pain,, and she can´t move very much, so after doing what she tells me to do the household chores I just talk with her and believe it or not, although I do ¨¨¨church it up¨¨.

  1. I am sorry to hear about your mum’s cancer. Sending light beams and blessings for her to toerate chemo well & beat cancer. You are a good son indeed to her. Keep your spirit up and in turn spread the good cheer to your mum. Blessings Charly🤗🤗🐺🐺Garfield hugs

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