what do you want to be remember for?

The answer to that question is being a good son, good person.

Those who have read about my little crazy life maybe know a bit,
been in the Spanish Legion wich I´m sure now that it was something
that my mother hated or was afraid probably more than me when I was deployed,
after that part I became a drunk, homeless, ended in prison, numerous times
to the hospital wich if I didn´t die in the army I was also quite close
to die in the civilian world because of the drinking.

Now It is my time to take care of this person, my mother.
She has cancer and I felt strange when I saw her after the doctors
removed the cancer and now that she is at home I´m her rock,
my father of course is there, but he does have to work aaaaalot to
pay for the bills. Great man, what he has done to provide for the best doctors
and him also helping at home is quite a different father that I knew. So is quite strange for me, and I´m 35….
but to see my mother so weak and me taking care of her, well,
that is what we are going to do.

So in my life as a fuck up, when I die, that is what to be remembered for,
a caring son. No drinking no nothing, I go to her and apart from taking care
of her home wich if I don´t cut the grass or trim this little trees, well,
she loves her garden, and her house clean, so there I am,
when I go to do some chores she will say ¨Carlos, stay here with me¨,
I never heard that, and me, as I am, always with dummy stories wich she laughs,
but I have to ¨church them up¨(ya knoooow! just twist all the real bad things into something funny)
and that makes my heart a bit more full. She is a woman that she can´t stay still,
she always was in the garden or just moving somethings around the house, now she
has to rest in bed or in the sofa, and there I am with her from Monday to Friday,
now that I noticed it sounds like I´m writing like I´m this great person…… No,
but mom is mom, she´ll pull out of it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Live day to day like it was your last day.


    1. I try, she actually is the one that gives me strenght, SHE is the ¨Duddes ¨ The stronger I see her and I wil get a shout on me, it is a 24 hours looking after her, worst part when I was in the t.v room ,I heard her Yell my name,, I jumped out the computer and went see, so kneeled to grab some plates she couldn`t get u`p, so the point…..She is just a tough and very tough woman, but believe it or not, she does love the ´crazy¨ son to be there and take out of her, the garden, the house, and the etcétera.
      i don´t know why, she knows I´m a fuck up, everybody knows, I just got into a fight! Put the guy on a chakehole and I only got a bloody lip.
      But I do know that when ¨my people¨needs my help, there i am sober as a stober and I can tell you all the medicines that my mother has to takes at X hours of the day,
      I regret most of my life in some sense, yet she is mother, mom, and I shall shut up because this looks like a real cool scholar paper

  1. Love to you and your family, Charly. Sorry to hear about this with your Mother. I hope the doctors get that sucker Cancer and your Mother will be well. Hang in there, buddy; your being there and helping and spending time with family is all a blessing. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Hey there, I really appreciate it the comment, today and yesterday I´m in my cool shitty rent a room, so I´ll be back with her tomorrow, she is a woman that she can´t stay still, she has to do this or that in the garden or go to the town to do that, you got it. So being laying down…….that is when I come in to the hpicture, just make her laugh and entertain her with my strange humour, plus do the garden and the house, big house by the way,

      She is ¨mother Rambo¨ she´ll get through it, 100% sure, and also thank you very much Randy for the comment, is really appreciate it and I´ll tell her to look it up, if she has strenght, for me is like in the military, push your body to it´s limits and that is what I do to her, ¨got to walk at least 20 minutes, doctor said¨ And as much as she is hurting she eventually found ou that she can, it and then she goes to sleep,so that is good in a certain sense.
      Point being! apart that I talk too much,
      Thanks again for the comment, really means quite a lot.
      Stay Frosty gent.

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