spanish memorial day

Yes sirs and serees, those if you can belive it or not are the same potos…hold it!

I´m celebrating
nothing to me is very exciting
guess is for civilians to have a barbecue
and on que
they´ll suddenly become
so patriotic some
in my country
being spain
wich living here is a pain….in tha ass
sorry, i just smoked some cool hash,
here it is is the 12 of october the arm forces day
since i´m a saint for all you one babe
yep, i got arrested that day

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. We just had our Memorial Day and hoped every other country did as well. One thing that really burns me is when people say “Happy” Memorial Day!! I don’t see anything happy about it!

      1. I am Rambo #2 and sending over a prayer for you –
        “may the god of Hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound with hope and with power through the strength of the holy spirit.”

      2. My mother is not religious but I am, so appreciate it, and yes you are…. well I do have 35 years old at the end, why not be my internet mistress? Just one of my fine thoughts, and I´m working with children, the Little fuck..s, they think they know everything and anything plus they get violent, just want to smash their heads, but it goes with the territory when you volunteer with ¨children at risk¨ what the hell is the risk, the risk is for me to try to teach them english, is going good though, they see a guy like me, I don´t let them put up their bullshit since I made it to one phisicallly clear and some hate me other loves me but is better to be respected, who would of thought that me, Charly crazy would end up with a mother with cáncer and at the same time volunteering in this type of places, fuck me (sorry), life

      3. oh well as hard as it is – so much good can come from this CPONE
        and you are touching lives in multiple ways – the children are the future and so keep them engaged in learning activities and it will help them find a healthy flow (or can)

      4. Should i get serious? My last girlfriend, if you call it that, she always told me to be serious, and me thinking that is boring, I go serious when I have to, not when some girl or guy tells me, and I do not tough lives I take them………….love ya

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