when the sthit hits the fan…make millshake out of it

i have no clue
sort off trying to build your heart to a true

i do know something
i´m crazing

that two sentences or four
i`´m on an uproar!
so as you well know
life is tought ya know bro, but in the good sense yo

so this cancer of my mother made me realize something
i can do what i did before in my previous life
yes i will make the woman strife

taking care off her and ….when….the shit hits the fan
you can always make juice out of it
the cancer mother…. that shit will end up making you love your milkshake

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Well, love will save you, after all.
    Who’d a thunk that????
    It is the only thing that saves us all.
    Love is all we have that really matters.
    Love to both of you.

    1. You´re absolutely correct, no bullshit, I know since it has happen before with my mother, is that I do have to be prepare to go to her house , it´s only me and my father, , father ….father, lets say he has a ¨bit¨of work, so there Charly Priest enters the scene—–clean house, garden, e.t.c but really mostly she is alone in bed or sofá, so who are you goona call? Charly Me priest, good conversation it seems and she laughs at my Little jokes that happen loooooong time ago (that is what I say anyways, gotta church it up) and just my precence calms her
      The title says it all.

      1. Singaporean…haha…studied under both British and American educational system haha..so you can be in CIA!😉 Hope you stay good.💕

      2. I´m a Special,excuse me I should said it again SPECIAL operations officer fro the aic, that is our code nam you can also saya cia

    1. As my mother says ( didn´t make the title out of my crazy brain) She does say obviously in spanish,¨ when the shit hits the fan you got to do what you got to do¨, so for me no drinking or going out at night, a lot of praying I can tell you that and also thank you for the comment

      1. oh wow – my dad had similar sayings – and he also said ‘when your number is up – it is up”- and I believe that – but still hoping your mother’s number is not up yet. Let her Rambo side be strong (and you too also – very proud of you CPONE)

      2. You remembered th ¨Rambo and Capone¨
        women……hate you, going to become gay now,
        you girls always remember my crazy sh..t, but don´t remember my crazy good things, so eventually your species is a,, manipulater!

        By the way, your dad got that saying from me, that tells you how old i am,
        love ya

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