Injustice, so lets begin

Who would of though that I would be the one that says ¨fuck the pólice¨, in my town corruption
is their option, the story still stays, a long one so don´t wan´t to bother you too much,
so as such…… why the hell do I rhyme?

I almost sound like ANTIFA, did told his superior
I did spend almost 5 years in the Spanish Legion, so I did hit the fucker once he through me
and slap me, still have his marks, so what if I would do to him the same? I go to prison,
and that is what pisses me off, we did fight in the Legion, but not with civilians and some
did deserve it, but when I was in uniform, that is a no, just speaking for me.

He didn´t ask me for my ID, just came out got me by the neck, that is when I through the punch,
I just hope this fucking idiot could take off his badge….and also the pistol, still going through
the ¨great¨ legal spanish system, if it doesn´t work, probably I`ll be in jail. But with a fucking smile,
after I hit the shit out of him.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Believe it or not, I’ve had my share of run-ins with the police, of which I’ve come to not trust them as far as I can throw them. Now perhaps that has all changed for the good in this present day but I’m not about to find out. I know all about the “boys’ club” and “privilege” and “women don’t deserve to be defended”. I have stories that some would not believe, coming from one who lives in the suburbs. Too much power have been given to some. Sorry about your “scars”, Charlie. No one deserves to be treated as such!!

    1. At least I hit hime once, no reports no nothing, what does piss me off is that I could take this guy on, although truth be said he was huge, but I can handle myself, but if I took him on, remember I just through one punch when the guy grabed my throught, just instinct, and I bet if kept going, who goes to jail? not him obviously

      1. Be careful Charly. You got a bunch of crooks there. You need to be there for your mum. I really did not know it was that lawless in Spain.

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