Short almost crazy life

Spend almost five years in the army and deployed twice,
loved it, if I was alone I would hate it, but there truly is
a brotherhood, not friendship… is different.

I killed, I was shot, nice scare by the way.

Got out of the army with a bunch of money, at least for me,
spend it, homeless, in jail, drug addcit. Broke some bones in civilian life
and they broke mine.

Now, that was looooooong time ago,

CANCER, that is what my mother has, in some sense I can see what she heard, and experience
when her ¨kid¨went to war.

My mother is the strongest person that I know, love her to death, but I see the weakness in her
body, her hair falling, and me I´m just a care takere, she doesn´t want to be alone,
so there I am telling her my crazy things but ¨churched up¨ and that is what she needs really
you punks, why did I call you punks? I´m in the drunks if not I wouldn´t have the nerve to write this
more than nothing she wants a person, that is me, lets say today is my day off after staying with her
2 weeks at least, so the point, bing bang boing…

A patient needs confort and I learned that in combat in battle and that I apply it to my mother
which by the way she can take you all on, tough as nails this woman, she´ll get trhought it,

P.S. I put myself on the pedestal….cool, sense of humour, my strange humour,
but humour is what I provide for her and she loves it, she actually in the first
time of my life tells me to ¨go with her and talk when she´s on the bed¨

Ps 2 told ya, the only fucking reason I write about this is because of my cool drunkness,
but at the same time tomorrow is my time to take care of her and she loves when the ¨kid¨
goes there, NO EDITING, JUST DRINKING, tommorow I will…..fuck shit cool.

Today my father took care of her, he saw that I also need an outlet, but tommorrow morning
I´m back with my mooooooooooooooomy, or MOMMY RAMBO

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. May God bless your mom with health and recovery. I lost my mom to cancer last year.
    And all my friends said was just be with her as much as you can this time is not going to come back.
    Thats what i did. She left this world in my hands. That’s where my peace lay. I would have lost my mind otherwise..

    1. sorry to hear that really, but you said something that I do and it is my job, keep her cool, not talk about the cáncer, help her out but not too obvious for her to do whatever it needs in the house, and the garden, then latter I ´ll do it myself, but give her something to walk on, she loves her garden so when se is asleep I do it, when she is awake she feels vulnara by would be my guess, and as a fuck up that I am,, I do not know why I stop the drinking and I only have one focus,wiich is that person that needs my help, specially when is my mother, strange for me to be a care taker, but once she sees me good, not drunk like today, she actually makes me sit down next to her, the woman wants to talk after so mANY hours, so i sit and go with the flow, she is my mother so she knows me, but she still laughs at my crazy sasying

      1. 🙂 they really want to talk and have someone to listen. Its the fear inside.
        We hid reports from our mom and lied till her last breath. Always told they are good and there’s improvement. Just be there and keep her happy. You are doing it right. 🙂
        I really hope she feels and gets better soon. Ameen.

      2. Yes, when the so called Friends want to visit her…. she doesn´t want to see anybody, and me the fucked up kid, but not all that stupid, I know knowing her that the last thing she wants is for people to start crying in front of her, so actually me and my father for the first time in our life´s found a good combination, he takes care of all the medical stuff and going to buy her the food she needs and me……. really what you want is to the patient to be comfortable, and this morning that I´m not drunk, she´ll see me good, and really spend the time with her, she is alone in the bed or the sofá, so it is important for her crazy son, wich I have notice that she is quite a bit scared thinking…. ¨is this her son?¨ Yes mom it is you son, but you never saw him when the real shit hits the fan, so she actually doesn´t want me to leave, she tells me to sit down and talk with her, and that I do, and when I see her smile and laughing, I got the job done.

      3. that’s exactly how it happens. the moment I would go to her she would say “dont talk about disease or death” and I would say “who is doing that tell me the name I will see to it”.
        so yea things like that bring family together. and its helps to be funny and stupid. sometimes really stupid. but the peace it was worth it.

      1. I´ll fill in the blank ¨so much shit¨, you got the Donald, some like it others hate him, I´m gonna get political with my coffee with wiskey now…. or maybe not, you voted, there goes democrazy

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