the town

That is the view from my window,
kind or a bit weirdo,
under that,
it´s full off Marrocans and also from Peru,
all dealing drugs and making this SPANISH town look like shit.

You tell me how in this small town I can´t get into fights,
hate them, is my country i hate them, yet….
I always say that I´m a ¨ selective racist¨
My best friend almost like a father is what,
a Marrocan, hard working, good person in general,as you well know,
nobody is perfect but that does not distract,

Actually it does, I think I hit and got hit by half of the town,
latest was with ¨Enrike¨ ( he is just robbing someone so I doubt
he will be very interested in this), point being that was my last fight,
I did pretty good by the way, so….. say Haaaaay!
Not really, getting bored of this shit
so I will spit
and try to avoid
that dumb decay

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I was going to ask in what part of Madrid you where living, but that won’t be safe for you to answer. So don’t. Still I hope you are safe and that your mom is doing ok.

      1. Well if it wasn’t true, my fault. And I do believe in what people tell me. That’s my defect. But if you said Madrid to me and you live in New York or Berlin. No pasa nada. No estoy enfadada ni me has ofendido, y eres igual un author muy talentoso!

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